Miyamoto's Shirt on The Tonight Show Hides Some Kind of Tease or Secret

Samurai Mario has a secret.


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The t-shirt Shigeru Miyamoto wore during his recent appearance on The Tonight Show holds some kind of mystery, apparently.

Miyamoto, famed for being the creator of series like Mario and Zelda, was on the show with and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to promote the impending release of Super Mario Run. They also had a surprise in store, briefly showcasing the Switch and giving an over-the-moon Jimmy Fallon the chance to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on it.

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Miyamoto had a distinct looking shirt on--he even gestures to it at one point--but with the internet's attention devoted to turning his thumbs-up into a meme, the details of it have seemingly gone unnoticed. Nintendo's Bill Trinen, who was sitting next to Miyamoto in the audience (that's him on the left in the picture above), tweeted last night, "Has anyone figured out what's up with Miyamoto's Samurai Mario shirt?" He followed this up with another tweet adding, "Cause I know what's up."

Twitter user Kyle McLain replied, pointing out the Japanese writing on the shirt says "'Ran' (meaning 'chaos'), which in Japanese is pronounced exactly like 'Run.'" Trinen confirmed this, stating, "First layer of the punion."

It's more likely than not that this is leading to something innocuous, rather than the announcement of a new Mario game. We thought we might've seen a glimpse of a new Mario back when the Switch was unveiled in October, as its trailer included a brief glimpse of gameplay from a 3D Mario platformer. Nintendo has yet to announce that game, and it's stated that everything seen during the trailer was simply meant to "demonstrate the liberating nature of the Nintendo Switch home gaming system." Skyrim, for instance, was seen during the video but hasn't been confirmed for Switch.

More details on the Switch and its games are coming during an event in early January. As for the mystery of Miyamoto's shirt, fans will have continue digging to figure it out.

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