Miyamoto teases new Nintendo character

Mario creator tells investors the coming year could see his first original creation in nearly a decade, says next Pikmin needs to be finished soon.


Nintendo senior managing director Shigeru Miyamoto has created some of the biggest characters in gaming, including Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link. In a Q&A session at Nintendo's general shareholders meeting this week, the designer told investors he is looking to add at least one more name to his considerable resume.

Pikmin debuted on the GameCube in late 2001.
Pikmin debuted on the GameCube in late 2001.

According to a GameSpot translation of Nintendo's transcript of the event, Miyamoto was asked to share details on new projects. He replied that he hasn't had much time to slow down and think about new projects with 3DS development ramping up. However, he has found that deadlines sometimes cause new ideas to "glitter," so conditions might be right at the moment for something new.

"It's been nearly 10 years since the creation of Pikmin," Miyamoto said. "I think this coming year, it's about time a new character be created."

Speaking of Pikmin, Miyamoto also addressed a new installment in that series, something he first acknowledged working on at Nintendo's E3 2008 developer roundtable event. He said that development on the project is proceeding well, but he added he needs to finish it soon. At an E3 2010 roundtable, he reassured reporters it remains in the works.

Pikmin featured a diminutive alien stranded on earth, marshalling the forces of sentient plants to help him repair his spaceship. It was famously inspired by Miyamoto's gardening hobby at the time. Perhaps giving some clue as to his next effort, the developer said at the shareholder's meeting that his current hobby is swimming, and it has him very active working with youth in the community.

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@archlvt: You obviously know nothing about gaming. Miyamoto is a gaming god. He didn't get lucky with Mario, he made it from past experiences with Donkey Kong. Mario was the first 'true' platform game, and how many of them have there been since. He was voted the greatest video game creator of all time by IGN (who even said it wasn't a hard descision) and he was voted, by other creators, as the best ever too. For god sake the man has even being listed as one of the greatest Asians of all time in a poll in Asia. His influence in his home continent goes beyond gaming. You might not like Mario, but it has inspired all videogames today in some way.

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lets just hope he wasn't in the kitchen when he thought of this new character lol but really I am excited for what he has next

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New Pikmin = good a New original character altogether = possibly epic (hoping its for a RPG, but thats what i always want)

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No matter what people stay about milking a character Miyamoto is the MOST respected man in gaming. You probably can't name a developer that hasn't been influenced by his work. Without him there would probably be no playstion or xbox for that matter. He made the first leap into 3d with Super Mario 64 and from there gaming took a HUGE leap forward. I respect the hell outta him he makes game everyone can play and isn't a shamed of it. COD and Halo can sell all they want but nothing can touch Mario or Zelda.

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@Oni_Taedo Thanks, I try. hah @SloganYams I still need to play Oddworld, but I've heard a lot of good things about it. The story in Shadow of the Colossus seemed kind of minimalist when I was looking into it though, is there something I missed?

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Ricardo Torres is freaking hilarious in this vid. Videos preserve EVERYTHING, hahahhaha.

Avatar image for JixHedgehog

Well, after the failure of Metroid Other M, Nintendo needs something. Probably won't find salvation in Pikmin, but the new character does sound interesting. Oh, and isn't it about time for a Star Fox Wii? Last but surely

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@archivt You are an idiot. He did not get lucky, he had a fantastic idea and he saw it through. He conceived all of Mario, including the platforming gameplay and the mushroom power ups. Donkey Kong was enormously successful, Zelda is one of the most beloved series of all time, fans have been begging for a Pikmin sequel, and Nintendogs sold fantastically. No offense to Nintendo but they don't exactly have the most compelling characters; all the stuff he makes sells well because the man is creative and knows how to make a damn fun game.

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@DeVreez You sir/madam, are the smartest man/woman on the internet. If only half the idiots in the world thought like you, the world would be a better place.

Avatar image for archlvt

A guy got lucky and made Mario. Doesn't mean everything he spews out his ass is pure gold. When Mario bros. came out, no one gave a crap about mario, they gave a crap about the superior platforming and fun powerups.

Avatar image for SloganYams

@ DeVreez I would have used the Oddworld series and Shadow of the Colossus as games on other consoles with good stories. Well, okay, so you got me with Valve. But still, I'm making my point.

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Rovelius- I completely agree with you.maybe a little exaggeration, but I still agree.Myamoto makes characters new with a bit of time, but makes the wait worth while. SMG and SMG2 had some same content, juh! but had a lot more differences such as some beginning 2Dgameplay.(Prologue) One glorious thing I admire about Myamoto is that he doesn't make games where you have a gun, you use a gun, you kill with guns. Well, there are a few Golden-eye games out there, but Most of them were not made by Myamoto. He gives more thought to games then hand grenades and tobacco.I've played his games Donkey Kong up, and to this day I still enjoy them. Im also Really excited about a new character. It would be FANTASTIC if they added him/her to the SSB list. Maybe even Louie, too.

Avatar image for DeVreez

What exactly are people arguing about here? I understand why some people think that some games on PS3 and 360 have been "milked," but Nintendo often does the same thing: once they find a fun, successful formula, they release a sequel with similar content. Personally I don't think that's unreasonable at all. Also, anyone that thinks that there aren't any games with good storylines on other consoles hasn't played very many games by BioWare, Rockstar or Valve.

Avatar image for Dimsos

So to me Nintendo is..and always be a really good company. and its not that i hate Sony and Microsoft because its good that they are trying to catch up with Nintendo with these "new motion stuff" which may be better than the Wii Motion stuff but by far i have just saw and read people says it sucks... Besides i think like people just take care of graphics i mean i a good looking game but i dont want to really see everything IM PLAYING A GAME,INTERACT WITH IT, IM NOT TRYING TO WATCH A PAINTING!! (this can be misunderstood). Graphics (oh.. this have been discussed multiple/millions/infinie times) doesnt really matter in gaming but its the one that has been destroying new gamers like the ones that buy a wii see a Xbox/ps3 game and then want to buy the other cuz you can see their teeth fly when you blow that head with a sniper rifle bullet.. AND thanks to ThunderStarter (page 4 or 5) for that << LINK REMOVED >> article that who wants to take some time to read it DO SO!. its really well written and shows practically how N works and how they have and will still being successful.

Avatar image for Dimsos

Back to it..: Nintendo is doing really good even though these new games are from these old-always-loved characters if you look at them they are no (or at least for me) pointless remakes.. they each bring out its "Touch" of gameplay like Galaxy Kind Co-Op. Metroid last trilogy which was really good (only have M2) and looking at the new Zelda title which will use the potencial of the moving motion (if not take it to the limit). The 3DS!! i mean i really think that everybody had to pick their jaws when they saw this. Kid Icarus which looks pretty cool and dunno if i missed something else. You can say that "they are always milking their franchises" and stuff but maybe if they do when it happens it really comes a awesome, fun, enjoyable game out of it. People have hope of a Star Fox game, a F-zero game maybe even some wait a Ice Climbers game!.

Avatar image for Dimsos

This new character of nintendo...Hmmm.. dont know what my state is..if its hyped, excited or thoughtful.. i mean looking at how Nintendo works and deals with their projects it can be basically...Anything. I really support Nintendo for doing this i mean its a really..well.. not big step because right now they are in a really really good position but a big step in the characters topic. Just look at it: If this character becomes successful that means that we can see more in a future nearby (OF COURSE that those should not be any kind but really well developed characters..). I dont really pay too much attention to all these titles of mario that always come like the olympic ones and stuff but hey they came out with Galaxy and even though i havent even played it (Because in my country you cant barely find original wii games and if you do they are really REALLY expensive.. like in dollars they would be like 80 dollars the game...-_-'''!. leaving me with Wii Music, Sports and Play and Rockband and the other GC titles i got).

Avatar image for Game_Guy567

@GunGriffin Do you know how to spell?

Avatar image for weegee580

Gee. Lots of Olimar haters here.....

Avatar image for Trixter800

As long as it's not another flat, bald space marine - whatever he creates is already better than 80% of the market.

Avatar image for SloganYams

@ The THCGmer You insist Olimar isn't epic? Personality-wise he's one of Nintendo's most developed heroes. I for one find him more "epic" than Link since Link is, more so than any Nintendo hero (other than Pokemon trainers) is an avatar as opposed to a character. Plus, Olimar commands an army of cute little aliens who decimate all that stands in their way. Pretty "epic" if you ask me. @ XUpmatoih I fully agree. Halo, COD, Gears, ect. they all pull the same rabbit out of their hat over and over. Smash Bros. can claim that it adds more depth with each new entry. Not just in the number of characters and modes, but also with what they do with the characters (Wario or Snake's gameplay mechanics, for example, are clever designs unto themselves). It's both a testament to Nintendo and a showing of the difference between Japanese and western games. Japanese games, especially those of Nintendo, are willing to not just polish up their sequels, but add new levels of depth to the design. Whereas American games seem to "make it shinier and the (poorly written) story darker and let's ship this thing!" Anyway, I can't wait for Pikmin 3 and Shiggy's newest creation, whatever it may be.

Avatar image for TheTHCGamer

i hope the new character is more epic than pikmin/olimar because hes no where near on par with the other characters that have there own games.

Avatar image for XUpmatoih

funny how they complain about SSB franchise sequels being the same over and over again, but what about CoD? what about Halo? Gears?Fable? as people have mentioned here, they all bring another storyline, more stupid than the last, maybe a bit better textures, a darker more evil look, atleast 1 or 2 more multiplayer modes(or multiplayer if not done before...) meele brought new characters new modes and awesome multiplayer, on brawl they added storyline, even better graphics,, level creator, Event matches, much more characters, even online and more...

Avatar image for GunBladeHero

I hope he creates something original, not related to Mario, Zelda etc. But that`s probably whats going to happen anyways.

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@blackmagicmarkr Nintendo is for everyone. I think that's what you meant, or else you'd be inaccurate.

Avatar image for blackmagicmarkr

Nintendo is for kids

Avatar image for Frostyballoon

Is it me or is that guy in the video review voice put anyone else to sleep?

Avatar image for digi-demon

Hope its more imaginative than 'Mama' from SMG.....maybe a mushroom eating, fireball lobbing, ninja warrior cum space marine type character....LOL

Avatar image for Brilliant_R

@Rovelius Don't get me wrong; I think you're absolutely right. When I said you were exaggerating, I was only talking about how you described Smash Bros; yes, they each have their own distinctive and unique differences, but they aren't SO different that they can be unrecognizable to players who know the other games in the SSB franchise (sorry for putting words in your mouth because I know you didn't say that but to me that's what you were implying). But yeah, for the most part I completely agree with you. Nintendo IS the king of innovation, and the Mario franchise DOES beat the hell outta a lot of other stuff in terms of new gameplay elements. I never meant to say that you were wrong, because you're most definitely not. (= And btw, I'm not at all a fan of Halo, Gears, Fable, or anything else like that. Just makin' that clear.

Avatar image for atomicpie

If they make some pansy ass swimming vampire (twilight :/), I'm gonna be a wee bit disappointed.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

I'm all behind Shigeru and in awe of him and everything, but am I the only one that thinks a new character every 10 years is a bit.... slow? Yes, I know the quality will be there, but surely he could still have the same quality and produce something original every 5 years at least(!)

Avatar image for denicola_a_god

cant wait to see it

Avatar image for watweed2k9

I like the fact that nintendo take time with their characters look at sega with sonic in recent years can anyone name a character besides knuckles and tails

Avatar image for Rovelius

@Brilliant_R The Mario franchise ALONE beats the hell out of every Xbox franchises in terms of gameplay innovations. Halo, Gears and Fable are series who never raised the bar outside of what similar american devs just try to clone. Care to elaborate on what I'm exaggerating?

Avatar image for Brilliant_R

@Rovelius Listen, I'm pro-Nintendo as well, IMO they're the best company, but I still think you're exxaggerating quite a bit...

Avatar image for Rovelius

@fLaMbOaStiN Lmao, if you can't see the HUGE difference between each Smash games, then either you don't like fighting games at all or you haven't played them enough. I have well over 4000 hours of gameplay logged in these 3 games combined (about 20% N64, 15% Brawl and 65% Melee) and I can assure you they're all VERY different from each others when you approach them seriously (aka learning the advanced techs). Now would you mind telling me the profound, gameplay-changing differences each Halo, Gears and Fable sequels brought? Content, story and multiplayer stuff doesn't change gameplay, in case you weren't aware of that. Same goes for the platform, especially if we're talking about money-hungry Micro$oft who'd rather release more of the same stuff than try new ideas. Completely the opposite of Nintendo...

Avatar image for Nintendo_Ownes7

@GunGriffin Nintendo had tons of new characters this gen. It is just this is a new Character from Miyamoto. Miyamoto isn't all of Nintendo. They had tons of new franchises that introduced new characters this gen. 40+ on the DS and around 15 on the Wii that were new IPs. They had new characters in some other games released this gen that were established IPs.

Avatar image for Brilliant_R

@GunGriffin First of all, you're exxaggerating. And second of all, why? All those franchises are still great and going on strong, and even to this day they can reinvent themselves. There's no reason to put an end to them.

Avatar image for tremor33

How about making the new character a cow? That way Nintendo can milk it as much as they want

Avatar image for Darthkaiser

Hope they make someone like link

Avatar image for GunGriffin

Nintendo needs more then 1 new guy every 12 years, they need at least 8 new guys and some to go by the way side from their old days. IE The fallowing need to be pout to rest now: Kurby: Yes he is getting his first Wii title but it's not what the fans wanted, he has had over 200 titles to date on Nintendo platforms time to lay him to rest. Mario: Honestly I know he is their number one mascot but with over 1000 games under his belt, and his best games on the Wii already made, I think we can all say he has had the best run of any Game Franchise. I mean ANY. Pokimon: If Nintendo is not going to give Wii fans the RPG with full Wii graphics that they want then I think they should.

Avatar image for DarthEthong467

@JixHedgehog Swimming Vampires ;)

Avatar image for dragonstealer

looks like mario,donkey kong, and link get to kick the newbie's ass in the new smash brothers

Avatar image for diggyman

wait. didn't he make chibi-robo?

Avatar image for diggyman

It would be pretty cool to see what else Miyamoto san has up his sleve. Swimming eh? I imagine some heroic creature who hails from some sort of underwater kingdom. mermaid-ish, perhaps? Heck I dunno.

Avatar image for fLaMbOaStiN

@Rovelius lol so let me get this right.. You're saying you want another Super Smash Brothers sequel; but also saying that Gears/Fable/Halo sequels are all the alike? Let's face it, each Super Smash Brothers is as straightforward as the next; the series hasn't changed a bit since it's release on the N-64 (main reason why i bought and returned SSB within a day or two.) Atleast Halo/Fable/Gears continue to bring new content/story/multiplayer modes with each release.. I mean it dosn't take a dumby to see the changes made from Fable 1 to Fable 2.. Were talking two complete different systems here lol.. I'am sorry, i'd much rather see a new release of those 3 games u mentioned over a new Smash Brothers lol.. But thats just me.. ;) thumbs doooooooooown! yaaaaaay!

Avatar image for Ratatoskr321

Swimming huh? Maybe some kind of underwater game then? Please it's not some kind of Ecco the Dolphin reboot... That would be disturbing hahaha. In all seriousness though, I trust Miyamoto. He hasn't let us down yet =D

Avatar image for JixHedgehog

new ideas to "glitter"... Vampire franchise

Avatar image for MrUntouchable18

Miyamoto should hold state of the gaming address to talk down to the peons trying to touch his legacy.

Avatar image for DonatelloToAll


Avatar image for otanikun

Didn't care for pikmin, but a new character? I don't like change Mr. Miyamoto-San :c