Miyamoto: "Human Beings Have An Instinctual Love Of Games"

"I believe the appeal of video games is not transient," Mario creator says.

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According to Shigeru Miyamoto, iconic Nintendo designer and creator of beloved franchises like Mario and Zelda, it is human nature to love games--including video games. During a recent Nintendo shareholder meeting, an investor asked Miyamoto to explain why the future of video games is bright, and Miyamoto responded by saying a love for games is something humans are born with.

"I believe the appeal of video games is not transient and human beings have an instinctual love of games," Miyamoto said. "I would like to keep on producing new products that surprise people all over the world."

But what's on Nintendo's horizon ten years from now? Miyamoto didn't offer a straight prediction, but said "new forms of entertainment are always born," and he doesn't expect this trend to end.

"We always need to work with a clear consciousness that we have to act now to make that happen," Miyamoto said. "This consciousness is mounting high among people at Nintendo now, so please wait for our next move."

You can read the full Nintendo shareholder Q&A on Nintendo's website.

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