Miyamoto confirms Zelda on the GameCube

In a conference call, Shigeru Miyamoto confirms the GameCube version of Zelda and more.


In a conference call with the international press, Nintendo's head game designer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that a GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda is currently in development. Apparently, the impressive Zelda demonstrations shown by Nintendo at its annual Space World show last August were the product of real gameplay footage. "At Nintendo's Space World, we made some video demonstrations of Link facing off with Ganon," stated Miyamoto. "The graphics are already completed, but there are still quality checks to do. We've also completed work on Link's actions. Now we are working on the different camera angles for the fighting scenes."

Miyamoto will not be directing the first Zelda game for the GameCube. Instead, Mitsihiro Takano, the project director from Majora's Mask, will be taking the helm. When asked what he will miss about developing games for old systems like the Nintendo 64, Miyamoto stated, "The amount of time involved to create a game is extensive and sometimes exceeds the life of the system it's being created for. That being said, in the case of the GameCube, it is going to become a very easy machine to work on. It's the kind of game machine on which you can make games more easily and with less effort than it takes to create for Nintendo 64. More specifically, the GameCube is a powerful machine. It is a good tool to use to work on your idea very easily. The new media type allows content to be easily stored and at the same time lowers the price, which is a big plus. So if you want to make small games or you want to make very big games, it's all right. With regards to things that we miss when compared with working on the N64, it comes down to your attitude and your approach as a game designer. We had many different ideas for the N64, but there are so many more for the GameCube. I don't think I'll miss anything about the old systems."

When asked why Nintendo is moving to the GameCube when the Nintendo 64 still has the potential for success, Miyamoto quipped, "The shift from the N64 to the GameCube may look rather quick, but the N64 was the very first machine to realize a perfect 3D world. The GameCube is the matured version of the N64. In that sense, I believe the GameCube is going to become a fairly long-lived system. With the GameCube we can fully apply our talents and our game ideas can be fully realized." Miyamoto also commented briefly on the interconnectivity feature of the GameCube and Game Boy Advance. When asked specifically about the connection for the GameCube version of Zelda, Miyamoto stated, "It is going to be a very easy system to connect the GameCube and Game Boy Advance in Zelda or any other game. For example, it could be used to play minigames. There are many different opportunities that we are looking at."

Takano was strongly cautioned by Miyamoto about divulging details on the new Zelda, but he did offer some insight. "The new controller will allow for many different actions," Takano revealed. "We are experimenting with what kind of actions the controller will accommodate. What we have to do next is work on the details of the storyline, but we first want to see what can be done with the GameCube controller. At this point Link is running around the screen and looks very cute and adorable."

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