Miyamoto addresses GameCube network

The creator of Mario says that Nintendo's online network will arrive when the market is ready.


In a recent interview with the Japanese publication Mainichi, Shigeru Miyamoto, director of Nintendo Company Limited, briefly addressed his company's plans regarding online gaming. When asked about the potential of communication through online games, Miyamoto said that the GameCube already has games that are communicating to the player. Elements such as the ability to exchange and share data between the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance and use the Mobile Adapter GB are a means of communication, Miyamoto said.

However, Miyamoto further reiterated that Nintendo is prepared to introduce online games, but it will do so only when the market is ready. "There are a large number of online games in development [for the GameCube], which are secret," Miyamoto said. But he declined to comment on when those games and the GameCube narrowband and broadband peripherals will be released.

The Nintendo GameCube will arrive on November 18 in North America. Nintendo has yet to discuss any specifics regarding its online plans and likely won't do so for some time.

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