Mitra Ousted as Lara Croft

Whether you thought that Rhona Mitra was the personification of Lara or not, Eidos says that she's only a video game character.


After the weekend's big GameSpot News article about the "French" version of Lara Croft, many readers wrote in to say that Rhona Mitra, the woman who portrayed the digital character at E3, was the human personification of Lara.

Some of our readers said that Lara was actually modeled on Mitra's features, and another said that Mitra was the official Lara Croft

GameSpot News contacted Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II publisher Eidos to get the skinny on whether or not there actually is an official Lara Croft.

Eidos informed us that Rhona Mitra is no longer being used for promoting the title and that there would be "many that would fit the role ." The spokesperson we spoke to agreed that Vanessa Demouy was attractive but said there would be no official Lara Croft.

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