Mission: Possible

Mission: Impossible, the N64 adventure, is coming to the PC and PlayStation this summer and to the Game Boy Color this fall.


Mission: Impossible, the N64 adventure from Infogrames, is coming to the PC and PlayStation this summer - and Game Boy Color this fall..

Details on the games are few, but we have learned a few things. The PlayStation version is being developed by X-ample of Germany, and while it will have a number of missions and levels close to that of the original, there could be one or two more. The PC version, being developed by Dhruva Interactive of India, will definitely have more, and the Game Boy, being developed by the UK's Rebellion, will have fewer.

Additionally, the teams are working to make the PC game Voodoo 2 compatible and to sample speech in the PlayStation version, eliminating the numerous lines of text found (IMF instructions, hints, clues, and so on) in the N64 version. Both the PC and PS version will have new audio and new menus. Finally, with the Game Boy Color, players will be able send each other encrypted messages via a link.

Watch for the games later this year.

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