Missing the Steam Sale? Humble Store Kicks Off Its Own Winter Sale

All sorts of PC deals, including build-your-own bundles.


Not long after Steam's winter sale drew to a close, the Humble Store has launched its own big winter sale. It's underway now and runs for the next two weeks.

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The sale offers the usual assortment of individual deals--Skyrim: Legendary Edition for $10, The Witcher 3 for $30, Rocket League for $14, Shovel Knight for $10--alongside build-your-own bundles.

There will likely be more introduced each day, but you can currently put together a Double Fine bundle. Including three games increases the standard discounts to 85 percent, four games brings it to 87 percent, and five games brings it to 90 percent. You could, for instance, get Broken Age, Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, Grim Fandango Remastered, and Psychonauts for $7.49; individually, those would cost $17.

You can see the full list of deals for today on the Humble Store's website. Also, while not directly tied to the sale, the current Humble Weekly Bundle is a good deal itself, offering FMV games like Her Story and Roundabout for a total of $5.

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