Mirror's Edge reflected in comic form

DC Comics commits to six-issue adaptation of EA's first-person action-adventure game.


DC Comics has been getting into games in a big way lately. As if making comics based on Prototype and Gears of War wasn't enough, the DC Universe is also going online with its own massively multiplayer online role-playing game and invading the world of Mortal Kombat.

Chalk up another games-and-comics crossover for the publisher, given that Electronic Arts announced today that it has enlisted DC Comics imprint WildStorm to produce a limited series based on the upcoming game Mirror's Edge. Over the course of six issues, the series will flesh out the backstory of EA's first-person action game, delving into the character of Faith and her past as a free-running courier. The first issue is available this week at the Comic-Con International convention in San Diego.

The creative team behind the series is likewise a crossover of the gaming and comic-book worlds. Game writer Rhianna Pratchett (Heavenly Sword, Overlord) will be handling the story of the comic, whereas artist Matthew Dow Smith (Supernatural: Origins and various StormWatch issues) will provide the visuals.

Developed by Stockholm-based EA DICE, Mirror's Edge follows Faith as she attempts to deliver secretive communications under the radar of a heavily monitored society. The game eschews the standard shooter aspects of first-person games in favor of a focus on free-running-inspired acrobatics.

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