Mirror's Edge, Geometry Wars lead iPad App Store debut

Apple's online storefront opens up a new section for latest hardware, launch lineup also includes Sam & Max: The Penal Zone, Zen Bound 2, numerous updated iPhone titles.


The iPad doesn't officially launch until tomorrow, but Apple is already letting eager customers stock up on software for the new handheld system. The company has added iPad-specific programs to iTunes, and game publishers have wasted no time in jumping on board.

Mirror's Edge on the iPad drops the console and PC versions' first-person perspective.
Mirror's Edge on the iPad drops the console and PC versions' first-person perspective.

When Apple first showed off the iPad's gaming abilities, it did so with an assist from Electronic Arts, so it's not surprising the publisher is providing significant launch support. EA has five games available for the system, four of them (Scrabble, Tetris, Command & Conquer Red Alert, and Need for Speed: Shift) being updated editions of previously released iPhone and iPod Touch games. The fifth EA title is Mirror's Edge ($12.99), a 14-level action game inspired by the 2008 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game (also released on the PC in 2009).

Mirror's Edge isn't the only new experience on the iPad. Activision is now offering Geometry Wars: Touch for $9.99. Geometry Wars: Touch includes all the gameplay modes from the Xbox 360's critically acclaimed Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 and adds a new Titans mode exclusive to the iPad.

Another iPad port from other gaming systems is Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone ($9.99). Just like its PC and console counterparts, the Telltale Games adventure title is the first in a five-part series that the developer plans to release on a monthly basis.

Of course, not all noteworthy games on the iPad are adapted from the console and PC worlds. The iPad launch is being accompanied by Zen Bound 2, the sequel to one of the iPhone's most popular original games. Described as a "meditative puzzle game," Zen Bound 2 has players twist and rotate objects on the screen in order to thoroughly wrap them up in a length of rope. The $7.99 offering features more than 100 levels, including all of the puzzles from the original Zen Bound.

Previously released iPhone games like Uno, Worms, Metal Gear Solid Touch, Super Monkey Ball 2, and Civilization: Revolution have received iPad-specific updates that typically center on enhanced visuals. Some publishers are attempting to make substantial improvements to the games as they move to the new platform; for example, 2K Games has added a new scenario and world editor feature to the $12.99 Civilization: Revolution, allowing players to make their own challenges and game types.

One common theme is that companies are charging a premium for the iPad versions of their games. For example, Need for Speed: Shift and Call of Duty: World at War Zombies each cost $14.99, while their iPhone counterparts are $6.99 and $9.99, respectively. (However, World at War Zombies for iPad does include a second playable map that costs players of the iPhone version an extra $5.)

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I was actually thinking about getting WaW Zombies till I read this.

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Ten bucks for the game and another five for one extra map ? sick.

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I'll wait for the 2nd and 3rd generation...probably gonna be better and cheaper...:)

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@Philhellene They already came out with Ipad Mini, its called the Itouch hahaha!

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@Pacman Toad - what mushroom cloud do you live on? ANY company in ANY industry is in it for the money.... if they aren't, then they won't be in business for long. Think about it, if these companies, Apple included, get a touch of heartwarming kindness and forget their profits, pretty soon they won't be around to entertain people OR make money. It doesn't mean they don't want to entertain people and do all the nice things, but don't for a second think they would continue to do so if there was no coin in it for them, that's just delusional

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I speak with my wallet and apple isn't getting any of my cash for an ipad for a while

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Really overpriced apps? You have got to be kidding me! When will companies charge a reasonable price so I don't have to go bankrupt on gaming, the industries are just in it for the money these days and not for entertainment of others.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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How long until the iPadSuper or iPadMini comes out?

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kingsi7e: You're not taking into account other costs. Xbox Live membership renewal fees (not applicable for PS3, although XBL is still superior), $10 higher standard game price and far more expensive components, such as hard drives, USB drives, controllers and microphones. It's far more likely that a gamer will have to replace console components by comparison to those of PC components. I don't feel like spamming this place with things, but anyone who argues either side needs to know the facts and take everything into consideration. Do the math and you'll see that Xbox 360 winds up costing more in the long run. PS3 has the same-ish costs when factoring in other things, too, but either way, PC gaming ultimately ends up cheaper, especially these days. Computer upgrades are required far less frequently. I run Just Cause 2, Crysis and Modern Warfare 2 on max settings at rock solid mid-range FPS (60+ in MW2; 30+ in the others) and I use an Athlon 64X2, a GTX280 and 5GB of DDR 633. Games don't touch this build even with outdated components and I wont have to upgrade the video card for a long time. :) PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii; take your pick. Just STFU, don't try to tell someone else your s*it is better and enjoy your games. ;)

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Making Mirror's edge 3rd person was possibly the worst thing they could do to it...I'm sorry, terrible idea.

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The first iPad will suck, the 5th iPad probably wont

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i'm curious to see how Mirror's Edge will work...

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@sliperywhenwet6 Dude, do you live in China? Please do me a favor and check out Memory Express at www.memoryexpress.com for local prices in Calgary, Canada, where I live. If you can compile a decent rig for 300 bucks that would run graphically intense games better than XBOX I'll admit I was wrong. I've been compiling desktops for last 10 years of my life, and I have extensive experience with PC gaming, but point of argument is that console gaming is cheaper and not as bad as you say. How is upgrading your computer for 100 bucks a year any better than upgrading a console every five years for 500? I will not point out that PS2 was selling for 9 years, and PS3 was designed to be around for the same length, and I will not point out that when PS2 came out it took PC almost 3 years to become graphically competitive, I will not point out that both Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 look better than ANY game PC has to offer except may be Crysis and Far Cry 2 with DX10 enabled and running full detail (and this is not only my opinion, but such of a number of web sites that gave Uncharted 2 all the technical and graphical awards). I argue that a device designed primarily for gaming is a better choice price and convenience wise than a PC where graphical boosts is all we get for the multi-platform titles. You just sound like a cheap PC fanboy who cannot afford a decent TV and a console, or a terrible 16-year old nerd who does not like consoles because of some misplaced sense of superiority.

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as far as emulation i would go pc all the way; actually I have thousands of arcade games on my pc.. LaserDisc too... But as far as ease of use and bang for your buck a console is just better all around... you have your opinion I have mine...

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Oh and not to butt in on the converstion, but PC kills consoles as far as gaming goes. The fact that I can play every single Atari, Nes, Snes, Sega, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Neo Geo, Gameboy, GBA, CPS1-3 game on top of mods that are still being made for games ten years or older is all the proof I need. I can play them all with a kb and mouse or a controller too. I own a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 for first party games that wont see the light of day on PC. As far as mods go I want you to check my page out on youtube look up Lobzpooatu in the search and check out my RE4 HD remade video and you'll understand how I feel. Consoles have there pros and cons just like the PC does so the argument between which is better is a waist of time just like typing this brick was, but I'm on my lunch break so it's not like I have anything better to do lol.

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@Kashmiro If the iPad is not meant primarily for gaming, how can you make the argument that it goes up against the DS and PSP? Flawed logic, sir. Its meant to be a "multi-purpose" (how often does one of these nail every "purpose"?) device that has above average battery life and a high quality screen.

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The ipad isn't a gaming device and it's not trying to be. What it is trying to be is a multifunctioning device that tops laptops in battery life as well as picture quality. It also brings a larger screen for ease of use when browsing the internet or checking emails and is brilliant for watching movies on. I own a netbook actually my wife and I both own one and we plan of getting the ipad because of the pros I've mentioned. Eveyone saying just buy a DS or PSP doesn't understand what I'm talking about. Look at what this thing does so much better than either of those devices and then add the fact that you can also play games on it. The DS and PSP are labled as gaming devices. The ipad is not. End of discussion.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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The ipad really isn't meant to be a gaming device. That is not it's strength. I'm considering buying one, but it would be for e-reader purposes and would allow me to buy school books a lot cheaper. I don't own an iphone or an ipod touch so the ipad seems like a really neat thing for somebody who hasn't jumped on the whole iphone bandwagon yet and sold their soul to AT&T for 2 years. The fact that you can still have that same subscription as an iphone owner and get more features than iphone owner but without a 2 year contract seems pretty neat to me. However yes, it is overpriced. You can't deny that it is neat technology though.

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so sad that ipad dont support flash i wanted to buy it but on second thought i rather buy a laptop or a tablet pc

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@Kashmiro Wrong. @robertwarnes91 No no no. The point to the iPad is to get something really fancy and really big... To put your drinks on.

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I finally understand the point of the iPad. The problem with the iPhone and iPod was they were too small, meaning know one could see you had brought one. So then Apple invented the iPad, nice and big so you proudly know people will notice you have got one.

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Guys no one cares what any one plays. Like No one at all. I mean why would you? So you play xbox? who cares? PC? Who cares? Why are you guys having this argument? Both are for the same use and have the same outcome. Its the games that make the difference.

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The number 1 use of the iPad is not for gaming so I don't understand some of the arguments here. Plus really the iPad goes more up against the DS and PSP not normal PCs. Anyways, I used to be a huge PC-Gamer and regardless of what anyone says, consoles are far better for gaming than a PC. Steam and WoW are the only saving factors of PC, but I'd rather not dish out 1,500 for a PC then buy 1 game ever year. On console there are multiple games I like each year, Xbox Live is a great system, and the community is overall just more social.

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@kingsi7e im not even going to bother replyign to any more comments from you, as you clearly have no idea about pc gaming. the initial price is costing, but is cheaper after a couple years. and that seems to be your only argument besides "i like console controls better, and sitting on my couch to play games" to that i say "buy a 360 controller for PC" and "Put ur pc in ur living room and connect the chord that connects to ur monitor to ur pc to the back of ur TV." if u dont want to PC game fine, but stop trying to make consoles seem better then PC.

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@kingsi7e my comp cost 1000. i can run most games at the standard for consoles but on HIGHER settings then the nonadjustable graphics on the console. and paying 100 or so dollars every couple of years to stay up to date is better then paying 400-500 every 5 years to get the newest console. plus games are typically ten dollars cheaper then console games, and the price drops quicker then on console (l4d2 is already only $30 through steam), and that adds up. not to mention free and consistant updates, and even free dlc. an xbox with xbox live for a year. thats 350 or 370 or so. and a good, but not amazing, Graphics card is 150, a CPU (oh sorry, console gamer. CPU is Central Processing Unit, or PROCESSOR) is about 100 and 4 gigs of ram from a good company will cost about 30-40. thats 280-290. thats amost 100 bucks less. i just use headphones, because it make me feel closer to the actrion then all the addition houshold/outside sounds. the key is SALES. and for hardware, newegg has lots of sales. for games, Valve's digital distribution software, steam, has sales every weekend and midweek. sometimes it 50% off l4d2, or 75% off the orange box, or 50% of a complete pack from a developer. who really knows? also there is a huge Holiday Sale. that winds up making PC gaming over time far cheaper then console gaming.

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@ okassar I totally agree. When systems like the Lenovo Ideapad s10-3t tablet netbook (all in one touch screen system like the ipad + a full qwerty keyboard and full windows operating system) is 500 dollars and you see this Ipad for the same price with less functionality it makes you wonder what was apple thinking.

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Apple should be more practical with their pricing. From a business perspective, this works, but I have a feeling they would be better off if they headed in Microsoft's direction as far as practicality goes. That's how Microsoft is in almost every household now, it doesn't stop dead after innovation.

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@2bitSmOkEy I do mean build a comp. A semi-decent card is flying around $150, add a price of processor and 4GB ram you already have an Xbox with XBOX live for a year. That's just 3 parts! Unless US is that much cheaper on parts than Canada I don't see a gaming rig below a $1000 with a monitor and speakers. I do, thou, see a 32" HDTV with XBOX for a $1000. @monson21502 Well, good news is that games do not sell the iPad. =D Like do you people really think anyone in their right mind would go and seriously pick up an iPad as a gaming device??? People who will pick up iPad are people who have an iPhone for a while and know it's quirks, people who would prefer to lack functionality in the sake of convenience and ease of use. People who choose style over utility. It does most of the basic things that a computer does. Multitasking is not that huge of an issue on the iphone because it's so damn fast to go from an app to app and apps tend to save on exit anyways. I'm sure iPad is same way. For the market group it is an ideal device, people who would by it would not buy it to run 3Dmax on it. I dunno why I have to even say that, but if people buy DS and PSP, which happen to have LESS functionality than an iPod touch, i'm sure people would buy an iPad.

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While a 500$ rig at best buy wouldn't be good for gaming, you could build a rig that could play most games at high-very high settings for 700$

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The issue for me with pc gaming was a combination of things, trying to keep up with the technology was only one small piece, there is also the difference types of cards you can have which will have different affects on different games, one game programmed for one graphics card may not work as well as another game. So if you're buying a pc set up for just one game, or a handful of games, you're fine, but if you want to be able to play an entire library like consoles, then you're going to have a little more frustration. Then add the additional DRM's pc games are being hit with, more limited libraries in many different senses and frankly I think think the 300 dollars or less you can spend on a console is starting to look really nice. Throw in game fly for less then 20 dollars a month to rent games rather than buy them and I think the consoles have a strong argument against pc gaming. About the ipad specifically, I am a little jealous over some of the titles they get and will have. To treat the ipad like a serious gaming system I'm just unconvinced. Granted the games are still cheaper for the ipad than a console, they're more expensive than the arcade hits on 360 or the PSN arcade equivalent, where most of those are topping at 12 dollars, here we see more 15 and 20. So the value is not there with the ipad as far as gaming is concerned so far. Frankly I'm unimpressed and a little disappointed with the publishers for setting the price point so high.

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I love Mirror's Edge and Geometry Wars.

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@ kingsi7e its called building a gaming rig and not buying one of those 500 dollar rip off pcs in best buy.

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iPad sounds expensive.

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It's a shame the gaming community seems so bitter towards Apple, but this is the same response all of you had with the iPhone when it was first unveiled, at look at where it's at now. Don't say we didn't tell you so.

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hey look, 500 extra dollars to go into to building my new gaming rig. and also some money for charities. woot! o wait, we were talking about how much the new ifail cost right?

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those games aint gonna sell a 500 dollar toy.

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The worse part is that the app developers are charging more than they should for improved graphics in the ipad version and those tools that have an ipad will get them.

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Can we get this junk out of gaming websites?

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awww so cute ^_^ if gamespot could just somehow get around and not help their J*WPAD friends in marketing, lets mention them at least in this kind of way, about popular games on a READER DEVICE, i hope your mutually happy now, by the way the J-pad is out on sales like dah! thats the point of this post, how dare you forget about the J-pad! how dare does holidays stop you from shopping more and more useless garbage devices! this is just so so cute sooo cute ^_^

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Why would you shell out 500 dollars when you can get something cheaper, do more and you have 100% total control over it unlike the ipad which you have to bend over and put in it whatever apple wants.

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@jedikevin2 True, a 400-500 dollar computer would keep up, but you would be bound to medium settings, which would be not even near the resolution of the consoles (most often 1080p, sometimes 720p but that's in games that look beyond sick), and no where near the detail level of consoles. For instance, again, neither GTA4 no Assassin Creed 2 would run with high settings on a 500 dollar machine.

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nifty neato

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@rolla020980 Why do everyone assume you must have a $1000+ PC gaming rig to get the same performance as a console counterpart? A 400-500 dollar computer can easily keep up. I'm on a e7400 oced to 3.65ghz, 1 gig gts 250, 4 gigs ddr21066 ram, gigabyte mobo, (which cost me 440 dollars by ordering everything on newegg during sales blah blah) and can easily play my PC games nicely. Add to that how deeply backward compatible a pc is to consoles, the price difference of new games, and the deals you can get on the PC side. For example, I got a extra copy of Bad company 2 for my friend for $19.95 a week ago. You can't find something like that for consoles. I think your friends just want the most top of the line system which today is not needed. Onto the subject at hand. Ipad just seems weird to me and will lead to more of that "superiority complex" from many mac users. I already have to deal with a lot of people in my cafeteria going at it how MAC computers (classic college where graphic design artist majors have to have macs) are the best thing since slice bread. Now its gonna be, "Ha tablet/netbook users,,, Macs IPAD is a million times better" and the classic pc vs mac war again and again. Everyone knows that the ipad is missing functionality and a price point that doesn't justify itself compared to other hardware from other companies but this is apple. Its what they do. It still saddens me how much apple has changed from the past where it was really about the user (anyone use to go to M.U.G.S.?) M.U.G.S. was still one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. Now apple has destroyed the mac brand with overpriced systems and now pushing things such as the ipad which just glorifies the iphone more then being revolutionary or functional.

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and i assume the mac religious will buy this up and i will cry tears of rage. Same people who blindly dont bother standing for net neutrality either.

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wow...coming from a not-very-well informed guy, people seemed to hate the ipad

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for the cost of an Ipad why not a Tablet Netbook?? Do all the same things and MORE but less money??

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Anyone elses Ipad not working? Got mine and it just wouldn't connect to Itunes. :(