Mirror's Edge Catalyst Preorder Bonuses

Bonuses include items for the free-running game's asynchronous multiplayer mode.


The Mirror's Edge Catalyst product page on Amazon has been updated with information about some preorder bonuses for the upcoming free-running sequel.

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According to Amazon, everyone who preorders gets the "Combat & Speed Runner Kit" at launch. This comes with combat-themed and speed-themed "Projection" shaders. These will change your characters' appearance when your avatar invades other players' worlds in the game's asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Also included with the preorder pack is a "Runner Tag" that will allow your character to "stand out in the leaderboards" and a "unique background" that players can use to customize Screen Hacks.

The Amazon product page doesn't share any further details. We've reached out to EA in an attempt to confirm these preorder bonuses and learn more about them.

After a delay, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is now scheduled to arrive in May for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A $200 collector's edition is also on the way, the centerpiece of which is a statue that depicts main character Faith as an adult and a child.

$10.89 on Walmart

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