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Mirage Guide - Apex Legends

The Hologram Man.


Apex Legends has quite a lot of characters nowadays, and each legend brings its own unique set of skills to this ever-growing and consistently intense battle royale. While some heroes fall into the typical archetypes you may have come to expect from familiar online shooters, most of them have at least a little something special to them that can open up some intriguing strategies and dynamics within your squad.

In this guide, we're going to take a look at the cunning and vain Mirage. His peculiar set of skills provides some humor while also creating bizarre encounters where you'll force your opponents double, giving him and his squad the chance to get the upper hand. Though these skills might appear a bit basic at a glance, they can actually manage to create some wild opportunities for you and your squad. Let's dive in.


Abilities of a trickster

Mirage brings with him advanced holographic technology that can create false-duplicates for tactical purposes. On the surface, many of his skills appear a bit too situational and unorthodox, however, in keeping with the gameplay loop of a battle royale game, Mirage is the type of character that knows how to mess with his enemy's focus--which can mean all the difference in an intense fight.

If all else fails and you get got, Mirage's passive skill Now You See Me will kick in. Once you get knocked down, you'll instantly turn invisible and a decoy will drop in your place, who performs an overly dramatic death animation. This will buy you some time to crawl away to safety. However, the skill won't last long. If you're still out in the open and an enemy is nearby, then you're a prime target to get gunned down.

Mirage's tactical ability is Psyche Out, which allows you to send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. It's a skill that has a surprising number of uses. In addition to drawing enemy fire in certain hot spots, allowing you to flank or get a bead on where a foe is hiding out, it's also a great skill to use for playing mind games.

His ultimate ability is Life of the Party. When activated, Mirage will summon a team of holograms to help distract the enemy for him. The skill is a great way to confuse enemies, who will sometimes lose track of which Mirage is the real one. This can be especially handy during tough fights in crowded spaces. Some of its best uses come when used to bail on fights that your squad is outmatched for or when you need to get the jump on enemies during a fight.

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Decoys are useful... and hilarious

Psyche Out allows Mirage to create a holographic clone that runs ahead of him. At first glance, this double is indistinguishable from the real thing, which can cause other players to open fire. Any enemies that shoot the decoy will appear on your mini-map to let you know their location. Handy!

Mirage's decoy also display intelligence as well, and they act different depending on where they're deployed to. For instance, using one near a supply box will have the decoy perform an animation where they try to open it. Though many of these skills require certain circumstances to truly be effective, they are at their best when used in situations where you're uncertain of what lies ahead, or when you need to help your squad out by drawing fire away from enemies.

Even in the air!

Right at the beginning of the match, once you and your squad make the jump, Mirage can pull off some interesting tricks on other teams. While dropping from the ship, Mirage can send out up to two different holograms on the field. This can cause other teams to panic while in mid-flight, changing their course in order to avoid any possible fights when they're on the ground.

Pick the right loadout

Just like every other character, Mirage can carry his weight in a fight with any weapon he can get his hands on. However, given his trickster oriented skill-set, you may be better off using weapons that focus on long-range, such as the Longbow or Triple Take. Once you toss out a decoy, you'll likely see enemies fire at the hologram, which will either give you a clue as to where they are--or if you're lucky--an opening if they decide to come run out to investigate.

Make the most of Now You See Me

Now You See Me gives you a chance to get away after being downed due to it leaving you temporarily invisible, but that's not its only use. It can also be used to great effect when attempting to revive a downed teammate or revive them at a respawn beacon, as you'll also go invisible during these events. This can sometimes even make reviving your squad in wide-open areas a feasible option in some situations, as the opposing team won't even know you're there!

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