Minter and Molyneux announce Unity

Lionhead Studios and Jeff Minter announce that they are working together on a kaleidoscopic shooter for the GameCube.


Lionhead Studios and Jeff Minter have today announced that they are collaborating on Unity, a kaleidoscopic shooter in which music will play in an integral part. Gameplay information is sketchy at this time, and today's press release simply describes Unity as a "fabulous journey through a succession of beautiful abstract 3D spaces." From what little we know of the game, it seems that it would perhaps best be compared to UGA's Rez , but given the people involved in its development, it's safe to assume that Unity will be nothing if not completely original.

"Jeff Minter is one of the people that inspired me to get into the industry," said Peter Molyneux of Lionhead. "I queued along with everyone else in the '80s to get his autograph and even considered getting a llama! To be working with one of the founding figures of this industry is a huge honor, I am sure we'll be producing a game that is amazing and unique."

"I am very happy indeed finally to be able to talk about this excellent collaboration between Llamasoft and Lionhead which will allow me to work on what is basically my dream project," Minter responded. "The chance to undertake this work with the backing of one of the best and most respected development houses in the world, and with the guidance of some of the finest and most creative minds in the business, is perhaps the greatest opportunity I have had in my entire career, and I believe that together we can produce something truly extraordinary."

We'll bring you more information on Unity as soon as it becomes available.

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