Minority studio debuts with Papo & Yo

Sick of shooters, Army of Two design director sets up new Montreal developer, first game releasing 2012 on PSN.


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Vander Caballero is trading in Salem and Rios for an even stranger pair of protagonists in his next game. The Army of Two design director today went public with his new studio, Minority, and its first project, the PlayStation Network title Papo & Yo.

Monster is well behaved so long as he's not tripping on frogs.
Monster is well behaved so long as he's not tripping on frogs.

Set for release next year, Papo & Yo is a 3D puzzle adventure game centered on a boy named Quico and his best friend Monster. Unfortunately, Monster has an addiction to poisonous frogs and flies into an uncontrolled rage whenever he eats them. Although it puts him in great danger, Quico would rather help Monster than run from him, and the game will follow the boy as he looks for a cure. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Caballero said the game is largely about his father, whom he described as "a good man but also an evil one."

"Like many, he used alcohol and drugs to cope with a challenging life, and I was caught in the middle of it," Caballero said. "The emotional core of this game is ultimately a fable about my relationship with my father."

Papo & Yo is the debut game from Montreal-based Minority, which Caballero founded last year in partnership with the production company Rezolution Pictures. With a stated goal of showing the emotionally evocative potential of games, Minority describes itself as "the home for passionate and experienced creators who could not stand to develop yet another shooter game."

Minority is getting an assist from Sony in the creation of Papo & Yo, as the game is the latest participant in the PlayStation maker's PubFund program. The indie game developer outreach program has helped bring a number of PSN titles to market, including Joe Danger, Hoard, Explodemon, and Burn Zombie Burn.

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PSN? Now i'm sad... I simply don't get what are the deal with exclusives, i'm sure they're less profitable that multi-platform, and unless it's some game like the first crysis or gran turismo, it doesn't have any reason to be exclusive...

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Build it and they will come.

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Most game plots are fables about their writers' relationships with their fathers. This didn't start with games either. ~*~Psych 101~*~

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thats because they independent, thats the only thing really you can do this days - if i big corporation buys your company, quit and start a new one.. this seems to happen all over the place now, and we see several good game out of this

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The gameplay concepts might be a little close to Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom from last year, but it sounds cool anyway, and I like the design of Monster for what its worth. Eager to see more

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This game sounds crazy unique. Might be really fun!

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What? First Rockstar not wanting to add Kinect/Move to LA Noire, then Army of Two design director saying this? Wow, finally a developer who is also sick of too many shooters(maybe he meant his own games but still), I'm starting to get much more faith in the gaming industry. Hope next time another developer says online gaming is not necessary to have great games.