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Minecraft's Latest Update Gives Players The Power Of Wind

Here's what's being introduced in the 1.12 update.


Mojang is testing out features that will be introduced in Minecraft's 1.21 update. The latest patch introduces Wind Charges, which allow players to channel their inner Air Bender, and Vaults, which reward them with items.

Thanks to a Minecraft blog post, we know that Wind Charges can be used in various ways. Players can use them as offensive items to launch items as projectiles at enemies at enemies and send nearby mobs flying. But it can also be used as a means of transportation, and players can use this to charge their jump. Unfortunately, Wind Charges cannot be crafted. The only way to get one is by killing Breezes.

But if players want to find Vaults, they must explore Trial Chambers. Unlike random chests found in caves, they'll have items for every player regardless of whether they've been looted. All they need to do is get a Trial Key, and after completing the Trials, they'll be guaranteed loot from the Vault. But it's worth mentioning the Trial Key can only be used once.

Players can participate in these tests by enabling Minecraft Java Edition snapshots and previews/betas for Bedrock players. Currently, the Wind Charges are only available for Java players, but they'll be coming soon to those on Bedrock.

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