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Minecraft's Latest DLC Makes Your World Look Like It's Straight Out Of Sonic

Gotta build fast.


Mojang has announced a crossover with Sega to bring Sonic and his buddies to Minecraft. The latest DLC will be a new texture pack that will make your world look like it's straight out of Green Hill Zone.

Unlike the Dungeons & Dragons and Mega Man X DLC, this texture pack won't offer any story modes. Instead, it can only be used when playing Survival or Creative mode. It'll feature "custom animations, nostalgic callbacks, and some fun changes to your inventory" to fit into the world of Sonic. Players will also notice that most of the mobs, such as creepers, The Ender Dragon, and even Bees, will resemble one of Dr. Eggman's creations.

Not only will your world look the part, but it'll also be filled with Sonic references. In addition to the references, the texture pack's creator hinted that Dr. Eggman would make an appearance as one of the bosses. To use the texture pack, you'll need to spend 990 Minecraft coins (Minecraft premium currency), which comes out to roughly $6.

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