Minecraft Xbox 360 sells 4 million

4J Studios' console port goes quadruple platinum following launch in May; PC version now available in stores via prepaid cards for about $27.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is continuing to perform mightily. Developer 4J Studios has revealed through Twitter that the game has now sold 4 million copies since its record-breaking launch in May, driving $80 million in revenue.

Safe to say Minecraft is no longer indie.
Safe to say Minecraft is no longer indie.

As of late July, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition had sold 3 million copies. And in August, the game was moving 17,000 copies per day, bringing in $340,000 every 24 hours. It has even surpassed Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox Live activity charts.

In addition, Mojang itself announced that Minecraft is now available through brick-and-mortar retailers via prepaid cards. The game is available at Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy for $26.95.

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