Minecraft Wii U Will Support Voice Chat and Keyboards, Says Report

Japanese eShop listing reveals a few features for Wii U version.


The Wii U version of Minecraft will support USB keyboards for sending messages and is compatible with the Wii U Pro Controller, according to a listing on the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

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The listing, which was spotted by Reddit user Gamestoper, states the Wii U version will also include voice chat functionality. These features are yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo, Minecraft creator Mojang, or its parent company Microsoft.

On December 9, it was revealed that Minecraft Wii U would not let players use the console's GamePad for inventory management, as many expected it would.

Responding to questions on Twitter, Mojang developer Owen Hill said such a feature "would be cool," but it's not supported, at least not yet."

He continued: "It's just used as an alternate screen if someone is using the TV. Would be cool though."

Since Mojang and Nintendo have promised regular updates for Minecraft on Wii U in the future, so it may be that GamePad inventory management will be introduced in the future. This is just speculation, however.

Minecraft for Wii U launches on December 17 through the eShop and will include six DLC packs, while more than a dozen others will be available to buy.

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Avatar image for saintaeturnus

Oh boy!

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

Will Ness be available as DLC?

Avatar image for nini200

No gamepad inventory was a huge missed opportunity for this game

Avatar image for brn-dn

So now that Nintendo has gotten it you can play Minecraft on every device except 3DS?

Avatar image for metallinatus

@brn-dn: And Windows Phone.

Avatar image for snugglebear

But still no unique functionality for the gamepad. Shameful!

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

WTF Mojang? I want to play with Japaense, French, Swedish, German, and other people from around the world. Give me emotes or give me death! Get your shat together lazy arses.

Avatar image for Ezioprez9709

It's to late, Minecraft won't be able to save the Wii U. I was going to get one after the launch but I'm so glad I avoided it.

It just can't hold up with the rest of the consoles, as well as the entire PC market. Adding Minecraft won't do the Wii U any favors. Most people have it already on other platforms, so this (to me anyway) seems redundant.

Avatar image for fig56

@Ezioprez9709: Minecraft for Wii U wasn't made to save anything. If you bought a Wii U to try to stand toe to toe with other platforms then you are sadly an uninformed gamer. And yes adding Wii U to Nintendo will do thousands of Wii U only players a big favor since they have been asking for Minecraft since launch 3 years ago. Better late than never.

Avatar image for Ezioprez9709

@fig56: Uninformed? Plus, everything the game has to offer is available else where for a lower price. From looking at the screenshots, it's exactly the same as the other versions. Seems pointless when you think about it.

Avatar image for fig56

@Ezioprez9709: yes if you have the game on another platform then buying the game on Wii U is pointless. If you only have a Wii U which many people do, then this version of Minecraft is a great addition to your library. Personally, Mincraft is not a game I enjoy playing and believe me I have tried.

Avatar image for Ezioprez9709

@fig56: ''If you have the game on another platform then buying the game on Wii U is pointless.''

Yes, exactly, that's what I was saying.

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$10 of DLC is included with the game, unlike the versions on other consoles.

Avatar image for Ezioprez9709

@magthidon: DLC of what exactly? Crap? Or is it something good?

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Skin packs and a mash up, as far as I know.

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@Ezioprez9709: Not true though, to play Minecraft on Xbox One or PS4 you have to pay for internet. Wii U will let you play for free!