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Minecraft's Upcoming Allay Mob Will Help You Collect Items Following Fan Vote

As part of Minecraft Live 2021, fans voted for the fairy-like Allay to be added to the game in a future update.


Minecraft fans voted, and the results are in--the Allay will be heading to Minecraft in a future update.

The vote came as part of Minecraft Live 2021, an annual celebration and livestream where developer Mojang typically reveals details about future updates coming to the game. For the last several years it has also included a mob vote, where fans get to choose one of three possible new mobs to be introduced into the game at a later date.

This year's vote came down between the Copper Golem, the Glare, and the Allay. Each had special mechanics they could have brought to the game if they were to win the vote, but it was ultimately the Allay that claimed victory. A blue fairy-like creature, the Allay will actually help players hunt down items, which could be useful in all kinds of situations. Handing the Allay an item will cause it to look for and pick up items of that same type in the overworld. Allay's apparently love music, and will drop discovered items at a nearby note block. Mojang notes that the Allay won't go searching through chests for items, so you'll still have to do that yourself.

Last year's Minecraft Live vote saw the Glow Squid added to the game, a passive mob found in deep underwater locations. As for the Copper Golem and Glare, even though they lost the vote, they could still come to the game in the future.

Minecraft Live 2021 brought all kinds of news regarding what's next for both Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. The Wild update for Minecraft will bring new biomes, frogs, and more to the game, while the Cliffs & Caves Part 2 update will bring with it a new world generation system that will allow for even bigger worlds. Minecraft Dungeons will be receiving seasonal content as well as the Tower, a new single-player experience that will see players creating characters from scratch and seeing how high they can climb.

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