Minecraft To Add Fan-Voted Mob, The Sniffer, With 1.20 Update

Bring an ancient species back to life and find special seeds with its legendary nose.


Fan-voted mob The Sniffer is coming to Minecraft as part of the 1.20 update. You'll be able to check out the mob in Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock preview snapshot on February 15.

The Sniffer is an ancient creature that can be brought back from extinction with your help. It has a dog-like appearance, with a large snout and floppy ears, but has six legs and a back covered in moss. You can find Sniffer eggs at archeology sites near desert temples. Hatching the egg will reveal a baby Snifflet, which will grow up into the much larger Sniffer. Out in the world, the mob can sniff out ancient seeds, that you can use to grow bizarre, decorative plants.

The Sniffer was the winner of 2022's Minecraft live mob vote. During the yearly livestream, players can vote on one of three mobs that then will be included in an upcoming update. Previous winners were Allays and Glow Squids. Last year, Mojang revamped Minecraft's beta system, moving preview builds into their own separate app, allowing players to experiment with new builds with less switching around. Update 1.20 will also add camels, craftable bamboo, archeology, as well as other features. A new Minecraft toy line from Mattel was also recently announced.

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