Minecraft series sold 15 million in 2012

Mojang's indie game breaks records for developer; Pocket Edition most popular with 5.89 million copies sold during year.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The Minecraft series had a record sales year in 2012. Developer Mojang has announced that total franchise sales for the game exceeded 15 million during the past year, with the Pocket Edition (iOS, Android) performing better than all others at 5,899,727 copies sold.

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was the next-best-performing version during 2012, recording sales of 5,002,370. Notably, this is the newest version of the game and has only been on sale since May 2012. Minecraft for the PC and Mac brought up the rear for the year, selling 4,177,843 copies in 2012.

A version of Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized computer is also in development.

Below is a breakdown of 2012 Minecraft sales for each platform. Also included in the chart are Christmas Day and Christmas Week (December 24-30) sales for each version.

Minecraft for PC and Mac
Christmas Day: 70,808
Christmas Week: 241,845
Total 2012: 4,177,843

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Christmas Day: 100,416
Christmas Week: 325,591
Total 2012: 5,002,370

Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Christmas Day: 283,939
Christmas Week: 706,419
Total 2012: 5,899,727

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