Minecraft’s terms and conditions to clarify meaning of “trolling”

Notch explains Mojang isn't preventing Minecraft trolling videos from being posted to YouTube.


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Mojang will change Minecraft’s terms and conditions to clarify the meaning of “trolling” after confusion about the term made one player think he had to remove his Minecraft videos from YouTube, Markus “Notch” Persson said on his website.

Minecraft player ZexyZek has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers. He makes a series of videos called Minecraft Trolling, where he’ll join a server or invite players to his server and annoy them, scare them, destroy their creations, and basically raise hell in a variety of creative but not very mean ways.

“Because we apparently have to have them, we have terms and conditions on how you can use Minecraft,” Notch said. “Someone at some point added the term “no trolling” to these terms. I assume this was done in good faith to prevent Minecraft being used to harass or bully people, but ‘trolling’ is a very problematic term.”

Apparently, ZexyZek noticed the rule and contacted Mojang to ask if trolling really wasn’t allowed. Since that’s what the rule says, the reply was “yes.” ZexyZek then made an emotional video where he explained to his fans he won’t be able to keep making Minecraft Trolling videos, which in turn led to Persson’s inbox getting “flooded with nasty emails.”

“Content creators like ZexyZek and all the community their fanbases create is the reason Minecraft is where it is,” Persson said. “I will ask the people in charge of the boring legal texts to clarify ‘trolling’ with better words. If they really did mean what was perceived, I will ask them to remove that line.”

Finally, Persson said that ZexyZek can continue his series as long as it’s not genuinely malicious.

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