Minecraft PS4 Fails Sony Certification

"Issues" discovered during final testing period mean 4J Studios will need to fix them and re-submit.

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The PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft failed Sony's certification test, and as a result, developer 4J Studios will need to take some extra time to fix bugs and submit the game all over again. The studio announced the news on Twitter today.

"Sony found some issues we have to fix in their final test of Minecraft PS4," 4J Studios said with a sad face attached. "We're fixing, but we need to go through the process again."

4J Studios submitted the PS4 version of Minecraft to Sony for certification on August 12. The game is expected to launch this month, though the need to re-submit would appear to put that release date in question. A PlayStation Vita version of Minecraft is also in development and is scheduled to launch this month. That version is undergoing bug testing right now, 4J says.

As for the Xbox One version of Minecraft, it, too, is projected to launch in August, with 4J Studios now spending time fixing bugs before sending the game off to Microsoft for final certification.

If you already own the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft, you can get the game on Xbox One or PS4 for $5, and your saves will carry forward. When it's released, the PS Vita version of Minecraft will be available as a cross-buy game with the PS3 iteration.

Minecraft, an open-ended sandbox game, has been an incredible success since its full release on PC in 2011. The game has since sold around 54 million copies across all platforms, and it's even possible that it could come to Nintendo platforms like the Wii U or 3DS someday.

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