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Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting disc release next month, has lovely box art

Also, look at the Minecraft box art on a Vita and PS4 case.

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Minecraft will be getting a physical release for the PlayStation 3 on May 14, Mojang's Owen Hill has confirmed on the PlayStation Blog. The PlayStation Facebook page accompanied the announcement with a picture of the very snazzy box art, as well as a glimpse of the same art on the PS4 and Vita boxes.

While it's known that Minecraft will be coming to the Vita and PlayStation 4, showing the boxes suggests we'll also be getting an eventual physical release for those platforms too. Hill adds that there is no news on either of these versions at present, however.

"Sorry for the delay, but making Minecraft happen is serious business," says Hill.

Minecraft has been downloaded over 1.5 million times on the PlayStation 3 since its release late last year, Hill adds.

If you think it's a bit silly to release Minecraft on a disc, well, remember that the physical Xbox 360 release of the game has been a constant fixture at the high end of the UK charts since its launch last year. There's still plenty of money to be mined out of the game's lucrative veins, it seems.

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