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Minecraft PC teases horses after selling over 10 million copies

Equestrian-themed teaser dropped as PC version of Minecraft passes new sales milestone.


The PC version of Minecraft has now sold over 10 million units, developer Mojang has announced.

Bergensten teases Minecraft 1.6.
Bergensten teases Minecraft 1.6.

Lead designer Jens Bergensten tweeted the sales milestone, and hinted that horses would be coming to the game in a future update. Bergensten linked to a "subtle" hint about the main feature in Minecraft 1.6, which was a picture of a horse.

The number encompasses the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Minecraft. The game had sold 8 million copies as of November 2012.

Last month the long-awaited Minecraft 1.5 "Redstone" update was released, which notably changed the way the game's valuable redstone functioned in the world.

Minecraft has also been a big success on the Xbox 360, with the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition selling over 6 million copies since its release in spring 2012. Mojang has now said it will consider porting the game to PlayStation.

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