Minecraft Lego campaign under way

Mojang uses Lego Cuusoo service in attempt to get official set produced, plans to donate all royalties to charity.


Minecraft now sits at over 4 million copies sold, and a host of merchandise baring its characters and aesthetic style is already available. Looking to expand upon the range of Minecraft-related products already available, Mojang has started a campaign to have an official Lego Minecraft set produced under the Lego Cuusoo label.

Minecraft might lend itself to Legos better than Batman.
Minecraft might lend itself to Legos better than Batman.

The Lego Cuusoo label program is similar in execution to Kickstarter. It allows people to pitch ideas for Lego sets, and if the idea gets enough support from the community--10,000 votes--it will be reviewed by Lego. If the set is then approved for production, the creator will receive 1 percent royalties of all sales.

Several Minecraft-related Lego Cuusoo projects have been started, with users koalaexpert and suparMacho's ideas breaking out as among the most popular. Mojang reached out to these creators, and the individuals have agreed to collaborate on the official Minecraft Lego Cuusoo project and donate all royalties to charity.

"Seeing Lego Minecraft sets is also our dream, so we linked to one of the projects," a Mojang spokesperson said on the project's Cuusoo idea page. "It's clear to us that there are many creative people with good ideas for this and we want to throw our own hat into the ring and start this project to bring the best Lego Minecraft builders together. Minecraft is about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine in the virtual world. You can build anything you imagine with Lego bricks in the physical world. Minecraft and Lego were meant to be together."

The current supporter count for Lego Minecraft sits at just north of 2,000. Mojang said that it will continue to look for the best Minecraft-related ideas to join its own efforts.

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