Minecraft-inspired movie shut down

"We don't allow" media extensions of popular sandbox franchise without consent, creator Notch says.

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A crowdfunding campaign for a full-length feature film set in the world of the hugely popular Minecraft universe has been shut down, presumably at the request of creator Mojang.

The Kickstarter effort for "Birth of Man - A Minecraft Feature Film" was canceled by its creator--YouTuber Brandon Laatsch--on Friday after gathering $63,000 of its $600,000 goal.

Writing on Twitter, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson said, "We don't allow half-a-million [dollar] Kickstarters based on our IP without any deals in place :/"

Laatsch explained on the Kickstarter page that he understood Minecraft was not his creation, but said he hoped Mojang would allow him to take "certain creative license" for this project.

"Birth of Man - A Minecraft Feature Film" was going to tell an "epic fantasy story" set in the world of Minecraft and promised to blend live-action cinematography with visual effects. Laatsch, a self-described Minecraft fan, had been working on the movie for more than a year and hoped to deliver it later this year.

Mojang's End User License Agreement (EULA) for Minecraft specifies that users are not allowed to "make commercial use of anything we've made" or "try to make money from anything we've made." This is where Laatsch's Minecraft movie was likely tripped up.

A documentary chronicling the development of Minecraft was produced by 2 Player Productions and released in December 2012, but so far Mojang has not licensed the rights to Minecraft for a feature film. Other Minecraft licensing deals have included arrangements for various clothing, accessories, and toys.

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Avatar image for JediLegacy

Brandon Laatsch: co-creator of the FreddieW channel on Youtube and Video Game High School. And you don't want this guy making a movie for you why...?

Avatar image for davak72

<< LINK REMOVED >> I think it's largely because Mojang already had a movie deal in place with WB, which Notch has since announced.

Avatar image for mathg04

<< LINK REMOVED >>How would you like it if someone sold hamburger off your lawn with your grill without asking you? Just because he's kind of famous on youtube means that he's allowed to violate the simplest copyright law?

Avatar image for jark888

More media about game would do well for the franchise. I hardly know why such a dull graphic game is so popular.

Avatar image for ericfoss

Idiots... Next, why not make a new Spiderman feature without the consent of the creators?

With these types of brainiacs running the show, I'm sure it was a masterpiece...

Avatar image for LatinproX

Obvious con and ploy by all parties involved to garner interest and capitalize. This is exactly why `donating` to public fundraisers such as Kickstarter should be done with a warning caveat. Everyone benefits except the people donating, who get the shaft for their efforts. Fools.

Avatar image for drswank

Dude puts in A YEAR of work and doesn't talk to Mojang? I just don't see how he expected to be successful....

Avatar image for JURGMANDR

I saw the trailer for the movie and even as a huge FreddieWong/BrandonJLA fan it looked like shit. I never once thought for a second it would raise 600,00$ let alone actually get cleared by Mojang. There's already a dearth of bad let's plays and other content revolving around minecraft and we really don't need more to throw on the shit heap.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

If it was not Mojang but rather companies with terribly different public image, there would be more outcry.

Avatar image for matthewkenealy

<< LINK REMOVED >> Doesn't matter who it is though. It's their IP. Brandon made a mistake.

Avatar image for Klikandclick

well of course, you can't just go and use someone else's ip without their permission

Avatar image for DrKill09

Considering this "game" is a ripoff of Lego Creator and Voxelstein 3D, what are his grounds?

Noch did not invent voxel graphics, building things, or retarded rules that make no fucking sense. Other games have done that long before this waste of time "game".

I had more fun making levels in the Build engine than this turd.

Avatar image for KoRLumen

<< LINK REMOVED >> Minecraft is Mojang's IP. He tried to use that IP to profit without explicit permission from Mojang. That's all there is to it.

Voxel graphics is not a licensed IP. Building things is not a licensed IP, or even a patent for that matter. And this is not a retarded rule, it's basic IP protection.

You're just one of those Minecraft haters, aren't you?

Avatar image for dragonkantus4


Avatar image for Saidrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> yes, that's exactly what's in your head instead of brain

Avatar image for Hurvl

It's all about the money. If he'd done it without asking for money, perhaps it wouldn't have been shut down. I generally don't see any reason to shut down fan projects like this, except when there is money involved.

Avatar image for Gazz_mann

Thats a shame :(

Avatar image for Tao_and_Zen

So does he get to keep the 63 grand?

Avatar image for Robboninja

<< LINK REMOVED >> That's not how Kickstarter works. You either get all the money you ask for (or more) or none of it. Nobody pays a cent until the time expires.

Avatar image for Tao_and_Zen

<< LINK REMOVED >> Thanks for the info.

Avatar image for StHapns247

I remember when I tried to make a Candy Crush Saga movie... Man was that a bad idea. Not the movie, the game itself.

Avatar image for cpt0bv1us

Thank god this was canceled....

Avatar image for Spyre1984

I'm not exactly clued up on this sort of thing, but it does strike me as daft that he'd ask for money to make a movie off an IP without asking the owners of the IP. I'm sure he could have been sneaky and just made a movie based on voxel games. Surely that wouldn't have been stopped by Mojong, as they don't own voxel world builder games, just Minecrafts trademark?

Avatar image for matthewkenealy

How could Brandon be so naive? This is super stupid. He should have asked Notch first. Maybe a 5 Min film he'll let you get away with but 500K, nope. That is just pushing your luck in any case.

Avatar image for blackothh

didnt see that coming from a million miles away

Avatar image for eureca323

<< LINK REMOVED >> Understandable, Minecraft's render distance is very shitty.

Avatar image for robertdaniels3

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Yea, that was pretty ridic.

Avatar image for blackothh


Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

he could still make the thing and post it on Youtube for no profit.....would probably get many followers and views....

Avatar image for DawnBlue

<< LINK REMOVED >> Or not since he obviously does not have 600 000 dollars lying around.

Avatar image for matthewkenealy

<< LINK REMOVED >> He could still make it for profit considering that is what they do all the time. But asking for half a mill on a trademarked game is idiotic.

Avatar image for ACMC85

Isn't minecraft just legos online?

Avatar image for DrKill09

<< LINK REMOVED >> except Legos are fun.

Avatar image for McDog3

<< LINK REMOVED >> Ever since the addition of redstone it's pretty much Engineering 101.

Avatar image for Spyre1984

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yep! That's why it's so popular I recon. :P

Avatar image for Bumblebee1138

<< LINK REMOVED >> pretty much

Avatar image for Saidrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> *facepalm*

Avatar image for delete-easycomeeasygo

We already got Minecraft movie now, it's call Lego Movie is now the number one Movie.

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

No kidding. Come on Brandon. These guys make videos ALL of the time. They are also the ones that made a pretty ok Youtube series. They should no better than to think they can just do stuff like this without even a little back and forth with the people that own the IP.

Also, Minecraft the movie? More like "Spunge more off of their community by making a movie about a game that a lot of people know".

I get the kickstarter for the first season of your Youtube series but Kickstarter after Kickstarter..come on.

Avatar image for matthewkenealy

<< LINK REMOVED >> I watched the video. I'm not sure why Brandon would do this. It feels like Freddie is pushing him out of shows honestly and it is probably due to his obsession with MC.

Avatar image for malachi

Just go and watch Lego The Movie.....don't need this....

Avatar image for Pie_FOREVER

I saw the Kickstarter a few days ago and thought "Why on Earth would anyone make a film around this? This is a terrible idea". And I couldn't believe for a second this was cleared with Mojang. And it's clear it wasn't. It's probably for the best, the preview footage looked embarrassingly silly and a waste of good visual effects talent.

You would think with all the experience this dude has with filmmaking on YouTube and the copyright laws you need to be wary of when it comes to third party content claims, he wouldn't have made such a glaring legal mistake like trying to make money off a pre-existing piece of intellectual property, let alone asked for half a million dollars to do it.

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