Minecraft goes platinum

Indie phenomenon breaks 1 million paid customers before it even emerges from beta phase of development.



It's been a good month for Minecraft. The indie PC game scored three nominations for the Independent Games Festival Awards--including a nod for the Seamus McNally Grand Prize--which it followed up with a trio nominations for the Game Developers Choice Awards.

What Minecraft lacks in cutting edge graphics it makes up for in sales.
What Minecraft lacks in cutting edge graphics it makes up for in sales.

Now the underground phenomenon developed and distributed by Markus Persson has reached a milestone of commercial success to go with its critical acclaim, as the game's official site reports that more than 1 million people have purchased the game. While Minecraft is still in beta, gamers can purchase it for €15 ($20), whereas the full game will sell for €20 ($26). Whenever Persson finishes Minecraft, purchasers of the beta version will be able to download the full game for free.

An open-ended game, Minecraft allows players to explore vast (but crudely rendered) 3D environments, harvesting resources to craft into various tools and materials. In addition to reshaping the world to their whim, players must build their own shelters so as not to fall prey to wandering monsters at night.

Winners for both the Independent Games Festival Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards will be revealed during a March 2 ceremony at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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