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Minecraft Dungeons Guide: All Secret Levels And How To Access

Minecraft Dungeons has a handful of secret hidden levels. Here's how you access each of them for even better loot.

Minecraft Dungeons is a family-friendly dungeon crawler, but there's more to it than might be immediately obvious from a casual run through the game. It actually houses a handful of hidden levels, which are great opportunities for more loot and gems. Like regular stages, these hidden stages can be repeated as often as you'd like, but you'll have to find and unlock them first.

There are five hidden stages in the main campaign, for a total of 14. The Jungle Awakens DLC has another hidden stage. One element that makes the hidden stages difficult to find is that the levels in Minecraft Dungeons are randomly generated. The entrances to these dungeons can be difficult to pin down to one location, and they don't even populate into a stage consistently. That means you could enter a stage that doesn't actually have the entrance at all, and not realize it until you've searched high and low and come up empty.

Generally, though, the hidden stage entrances are marked by some telltale signs and tend to populate in a few reliable areas. We've outlined where to look below, and if you don't see it, just exit back to Camp and try again. These can be found on any difficulty and that will unlock them across all difficulty levels, so set it to the easiest difficulty so you can rush through to look for the entrance without worrying too much about enemies. And if you need to comb a level thoroughly, as is the case in some, make sure to turn on your semi-transparent mini-map and don't follow the yellow directional arrow.

Creepy Crypt (access from Creeper Woods)

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This hidden button populates fairly regularly and early in Creepy Woods, usually in a path that splits off to the left from the main path. You'll find a button tucked into some wooded overgrowth that will lead into an area with the map to Creepy Crypt.

Soggy Cave (access from Soggy Swamp)

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Soggy Cave is one of the harder areas to find, either because it doesn't populate as regularly as some others, or because the general overgrowth of the level design makes it harder to see. Look for a lantern on a stone structure with a temple entrance tucked into some mountains.

Arch Haven (access from Pumpkin Pastures)

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Easily the most difficult hidden stage to find, Arch Haven populates into a stage extremely inconsistently and it may take several attempts to find it. Generally, your best bet is to head to the right when you see the large stone ramparts. If the entrance has populated, you'll find a ship in this direction. Just be ready for plenty of failed attempts.

Underhalls (access from Highblock Halls)

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Unlike Arch Haven, the Underhalls is one of the easiest stages to access. The entrance almost always appears in Highblock Halls, and it's near the beginning of the stage to boot. Just look for an area near one of the first staircases where there are two shields hanging from the wall.

Panda Plateau (access from Dingy Jungle - DLC Only)

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This stage is only accessible if you have the Island Realms DLC. In the Jungle Awakens expansion, the first stage is Dingy Jungle. The hidden entrance is relatively easy to find, but it's deep into a very long level that's crawling with enemies, so be sure to set your difficulty to an easier setting to breeze through. Near the end when you're climbing across treetops near the canyon, explore off the beaten path to find a small cave. Inside will be an area that looks like a mixture of jungle and volcano biomes, and there you'll find the map for Panda Plateau.


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The final hidden stage is the most complex since it involves finding nine runes scattered across all of the main stages. Once you've compiled them all you can insert them in the church at your Camp and that will open the way to the hidden cow level. For help finding all the runes, consult our dedicated Rune Guide.

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