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Minecraft Dungeons Guide: All Rune Locations And How To Access The Secret Cow Level

Minecraft Dungeons has a secret hidden level, an homage to Diablo's famous Cow Level. Here's how to access it, and what you'll get as your reward.

Minecraft Dungeons is out, offering a family-friendly dungeon-crawler with a Minecraft aesthetic. One of the best hidden secrets in the game is an entire stage, a "Cow Level" that pays homage to a classic Diablo joke. To get there you'll need to unlock all nine runes scattered throughout the regular campaign stages. Fortunately, we've got you covered.

Each of the runes is activated by entering a hidden area, and the hidden areas only become accessible after hitting a switch. You can find the switch locations below, but if you're having trouble locating one, move around until you see the prompt to hit the switch.

If you've progressed further in the game and you're going back to claim these runes, set the stage to the easiest mode available so you can breeze through until you find the right spot. You can also find the rune on the easiest difficulty (Default) and the hidden stage will remain accessible across all difficulties--albeit scaled up to those challenge levels.

Once you've collected the rune you can exit the stage and go back to camp without finishing it, and it will still count the rune as obtained. Check below for descriptions and visual reference points for each rune. And for more guides, check out our beginner's tips and things you should know before starting.

Creeper Woods

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Near the end of Creeper Woods, you'll find an open area with the objective to free five villagers. You'll find the switch in a rectangular stone structure in the lower left of the area.

Soggy Swamp

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After defeating the Corrupted Cauldron end-boss, you'll find a stone structure with overgrowth in the upper right portion of the boss arena.

Cacti Canyon

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In the arena guarding the blue Key Golem, you can find a hidden switch behind a plant to the left of the Golem's gate.

Pumpkin Pastures

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Before you come across the ruined village, you'll see a large rampart. Circle around to climb onto the rampart and you'll find the switch on the far side behind some boxes.

Redstone Mines

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In the arena with six villagers to free, you can find the switch tucked behind a redstone deposit.

Desert Temple

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When you find the gold key, pass by it for the moment and look behind a palm tree for the switch.

Fiery Forge

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Almost as soon as you enter the forge interior, you'll find the switch on an upper-left wall near the dead Redstone Golem.

Highblock Halls

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Inside the marketplace, go to the upper portion of the area near some stained glass windows to find the switch.

Obsidian Pinnacle

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Near the end of the interior section, you'll find a library area with bookcases. The switch can be found on one of the bookshelves. Aside from the rune it also includes some loot chests.

The Cow Level: Moo?

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Once you've found all nine runes, go back to your Camp and circle around to a hidden grove that leads to the church. You can press a switch that will give you easier access to the church from then on. The sanctuary is decorated with silly portraits, and activating the pedestal at the end with the runes will open up a new secret stage on the map.

The stage is simply called "Moo?" and introduces a new area called Mooshroom Island. It's a short level full of angry cows, and the final boss is the Mooshroom Monstrosity. It's basically a bigger, angrier version of the Redstone Monstrosity boss fight, and it will occasionally call in more cows. The challenge level is roughly on-par with some later stages of the game like Highblock Halls and Obsidian Pinnacle, though it's much shorter than both of those. Defeating the Mooshroom Monstrosity will earn you a piece of loot just like any other stage.

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