Minecraft Dungeons First DLC, Jungle Awakens, Coming Next Week

Minecraft Dungeons will release its first DLC on July 1, adding new enemies, weapons, armor, and artifacts.


Minecraft Dungeons is getting even more dungeons next week. The first DLC, Jungle Awakens, will be released on July 1, packing a bunch of new gear and mobs along with a free update that includes a new dungeon.

According to the announcement, the free update will come with the Lost Temple dungeon, new items, and game balance changes. Meanwhile, the Jungle Awakens DLC includes new weapons, armor, and artifacts, along with three new story missions. You'll be faced with new enemies like the Leapleaf and Whisperer, and face off against a new Jungle Abomination boss.

A handful of screenshots teasing the DLC show off some of the new gear and enemies, as well as the addition of pandas. The announcement also notes that the Dungeons soundtrack was recently released.

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Jungle Awakens will be included with the Hero Edition of the game, priced at $30. If you only own the $20 base game (or if you got it through your Game Pass subscription) you can purchase the Hero Pass separately for $10. This is the first of two planned DLC packs. Developer Mojang also recently announced that cross-play is coming soon.

"Minecraft Dungeons is missing conspicuous parts of what gave the namesake its identity--most noticeably, breaking through walls to explore underground caverns and using the found materials to craft," Steve Watts wrote in GameSpot's Minecraft Dungeons review. "But because it's such a successful departure from its predecessor, Dungeons shows how flexible the franchise has become. Rather than shift our expectations of what games can be, it's banking on its own popularity to introduce younger players to a classic genre and serves as a short-but-sweet treat for looter vets. It scratches the dungeon-crawler itch with a sense of goofy charm and expands what Minecraft can be."

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