Minecraft Boss Promoted To Oversee Xbox Games And More

Matt Booty helped bring Minecraft to Microsoft.



Last year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promoted Xbox boss Phil Spencer to a role that saw him overseeing basically all of the company's gaming endeavours instead of one element in particular. With this promotion, Spencer vacated his role as the boss of game development and publishing specifically. Now, Spencer has found a replacement.

Matt Booty, who helped bring Minecraft to Microsoft and held a high-level title in the lucrative Minecraft business, is now a Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Studios, according to VentureBeat. In that role, Booty will be responsible for executing on the strategy that Spencer lays out in terms of game publishing and development. He will report directly to Spencer, which makes him one of the top executives in the Xbox business.

Booty will be in charge of the team that manages the development and publishing of first-party games for console, PC, and mobile. His umbrella covers internal studios such as 343 Industries (Halo), The Coalition (Gears of War), Mojang (Minecraft), Turn 10 (Forza), and Rare (Sea of Thieves).

"This is an incredible privilege and honor, to step into this role," Booty told VentureBeat. "I really look at it first and foremost as an opportunity to serve and provide a leadership layer to the studio heads, so they can focus even more on making great games."

Booty joined Microsoft Studios in 2010. Before coming to Microsoft, he got his first job in the games industry in 1991 as an engineer at Midway Games. He would go on to contribute to classics there such as Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Cruis'n USA, and NFL Blitz. He moved up to general manager of Midway's Chicago team in 2002 and eventually became CEO of the entire company in 2008.

In other Xbox news, Spencer recently confirmed that Microsoft is already planning its E3 2018 briefing. Interestingly, he teased that it will include some "positive changes" compared to recent years.

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