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Minecraft Biomes Guide - What Makes Each Biome Special

Here are the basics on all the major Minecraft biomes to know before going in.


No two Minecraft worlds look alike, but they're all made up of the same elements--Minecraft's many varied biomes. Each biome has something that makes it special, whether it's the mysterious spires of Eroded Badlands or the sunflowers that appear only in Sunflower Plains and nowhere else. Knowing what to expect from them will only increase your chances of survival. Did you know that the zombies that appear in the desert are called Husks and don't burn up in sunlight? Or that swamps are the only place to find blue orchids?

Minecraft might be endlessly huge, but it's your world--so go in prepared. We've split all the major biomes in Minecraft into three categories: Temperate, Hot, and Cold (with a side of Weird. Check out each of our guides below to get the lowdown on each one.

The Temperate Biomes of Minecraft

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Here are the starter biomes--the most common ones you'll find when you spawn for the first time. Plains, the many types of forests, and swamps make for some of the safer biomes out there, though don't underestimate the danger of the Dark Forest biome, or the rare Witch Hut that can spawn in a swamp.

The Warm Biomes of Minecraft

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Some of Minecraft's warmest places are some of the hardest to find. Finding a desert isn't too hard, but Badlands and Jungles will take a bit more luck if you don't want to go through third parties. And sure, we have screenshots of these places, but finding them yourself is breathtaking all the same.

The Cold, Wet, and Weird Biomes of Minecraft

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That leaves us with some of the least hospitable places in Minecraft. Places covered in ice, under blocks and blocks of water or, if you're really lucky, mushrooms. Go for that alpine life in the Taiga or Snowy Tundra, or go full Elsa and find an Ice Spikes biome to call your own and make sure everyone knows how hardcore you are.

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