Minecraft Adds More Beautiful RTX Worlds

Nvidia has tapped five more renowned creators to show off its raytracing tech in Minecraft, and the results are brilliant.


Minecraft is getting a very pretty upgrade with the beta for Minecraft with RTX. The ray tracing tech makes even the modest blocky textures of Minecraft's visual style look vibrant. Nvidia has announced that it's working with well-known creators in the Minecraft community to make new environments that show off the tech, and it unveiled five new worlds for the Minecraft marketplace today.

Hilltop Lifestyle (PearlescentMoon) is an outdoor map based on an Italian hilltop village. Egg Hunt (Feed the Beast) is a mini-game set underground in a cave full of traps and secrets, tasking you with finding the eggs in record time. Medieval RTX (Aurelien_Sama) is a survival game set in a village settled below ancient ruins. The Dark Village RTX (Wyld) is another survival game set in a deep forest filled with secrets and puzzles. Finally, The Observer RTX (IamSp00n) is an adventure that has you exploring your way out of an entombed vault and discovering the secrets of the people who lived there.

The Minecraft with RTX beta has been running since April 16, and the results so far are just stunning. You can get into the beta to see for yourself. Minecraft has also been utilized as a teaching tool during the coronavirus pandemic, with a free map to show the benefits of social distancing and education use by the Polish government.

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Meanwhile, the Minecraft spin-off Minecraft Dungeons is coming soon to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on May 26. It's a traditional isometric dungeon-crawler, infused with the visual style and humor of the popular game.

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