Mindware Studios readies Voodoo Nights

Czech-based developer brings "buddy film" formula to PC, Xbox 360 with voodoo-equipped loose-cannon cops.


Voodoo Nights

Czech-based developer Mindware Studios might be stuck in the '80s. The company just released Cold War, a suspense-thriller that put players in the heart of the pre-glasnost Soviet Union, and for an encore, the company today announced that its next game will bring the decade's popular "buddy film" dynamic to the Xbox 360 and PC with Voodoo Nights.

In the tradition of the classic pairings from 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon, and Red Heat (well, 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon, at any rate), Jack and Samuel are loose-cannon cops trying to bring down a ruthless gang skilled with guns as well as voodoo magic. It helps that these buddy cops are also familiar with voodoo themselves.

Gameplay will focus on the buddy-cop dynamic of Jack and Samuel. In single-player mode, gamers can give simple orders to their partner to coordinate attacks, while a picture-in-picture mode helps keep both players on the same page in two-player cooperative mode. When the air gets too thick with lead, Jack and Samuel can enter into "DeadTime" mode to slow time down to get an edge. Mindware is also promising the latest in ragdoll physics, as well as multiple solutions to open-ended gameplay situations.

There is no word as yet as to whether Jack and Samuel will report to a gruff chief of police who constantly chides them for their reckless and destructive tactics, yet secretly respects them and in the end condones their behavior because it gets results.

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