Mindjack tapping into PS3, Xbox 360

E3 2010: Square Enix bringing futuristic online action game to Microsoft's and Sony's consoles in October.



LOS ANGELES--This morning Square Enix revealed its intention to develop for Nintendo's recently confirmed portable, the 3DS. This afternoon, the company announced Mindjack, a new title for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Square Enix provided scant details on the project, though it will apparently be an online action game. It will feature a single-player campaign as well as a cooperative multiplayer component when it arrives in October.

Why learn how to drive one of these when you can jack its mind?
Why learn how to drive one of these when you can jack its mind?

Set in 2031, Mindjack puts players in the figurative shoes of a Mind Hacker fighting through a period of political unrest, where conspiracies are running wild. Players will join a team of rogue fighters, clawing for survival. Players can hack into the minds of enemies, vehicles, or civilians to control their respective abilities. Further, as players progress through the game, they will collect XP, which is used to expand their arts abilities.

Screenshots posted on the game's Web site reveal a muscled ape wearing goggles, male and females soldiers, and a large mechanized combat brute.

Mindjack is currently in development at Japanese studio Feelplus.

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