£1 million worth of 360s stolen

Two truckloads of consoles hijacked as thieves stock up for Christmas.


Two consignments of Xbox 360s has been stolen in the UK this week, reports regional newspaper the Express and Star.

The first occurred after a lorry was flagged down travelling south on the A38 at Hillards Cross. The driver, who thought he was being waved down to inform him of a problem with his vehicle, pulled over. The men then threatened him and dragged him out of the cab, they then made off with the lorry and £750,000 (approx $1.5 million) worth of consoles. The driver suffered minor injuries, and the lorry was later found--empty--further down the A38.

The second theft occurred in the Hellmann Worldwide Logistics depot on the morning of November 23, when a trailer containing £250,000 ($483,000) worth of Microsoft's next-gen consoles was taken.

Staffordshire police spokesman Peter Stevens said, "We are appealing for information from anyone offered [the consoles] in suspicious circumstances, such as in a pub, at a car boot sale, or off the back of a lorry, to help us track down those responsible."

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