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Miles Edgeworth becomes Ace Attorney Feb. 16

Capcom's notorious prosecutor entering US courthouse next year with new emphasis on crime-scene investigations; Fate/unlimited codes plugs into September.


Miles Edgeworth will have his day in court next year. Today, Capcom said that the latest installment in its popular courtroom drama franchise--Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth--will arrive for the DS in the US on February 16, having seen release in Japan in June.

The stare down is a studied legal technique.
The stare down is a studied legal technique.

Best known as the antagonist to franchise hero Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth gives gamers the chance to experience the other side of the bench, playing prosecutor to put criminals behind bars. The game swaps out some of the courtroom wrangling for hands-on crime-scene investigations, as Miles attempts to crack the case of a series of mysterious deaths around various locations in the game.

Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth will also feature a new logic system, which lets players combine found items to discover new information. Though a lot of the action has been taken outside of the courtroom, Capcom has said that the hallmark courtroom battles the series is known for will still play a role in sleuthing out the truth.

Along with providing a solid date for Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth, Capcom narrowed the release window for its download-only fighter Fate/unlimited codes. Previously pegged to arrive on the PSP this summer, the PlayStation Network-exclusive is now expected in early September.

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