Mike Tyson Boxing Hands-On

Another Codemasters title we checked out today was Mike Tyson boxing for the PlayStation. See our new media.


Codemasters strolled in to our happy little offices today with some PlayStation games for us to look at - one of the games was Codemaster's Mike Tyson Boxing. Titled Prince Naseem Boxing on the other side of the "pond," Mike Tyson Boxing ditched the fancy prince in favor of Iron Mike due to his popularity and notoriety in the states.

Unfortunately, there is no ear-biting mode in the game, but unlike Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the NES, you can actually play as Mike from the start. Despite the fact that Mike Tyson is the only real-life boxer in the game, certain modes will have you competing against, literally, hundreds of boxers. Check out the screens we've compiled and check back for our full preview coming soon.

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