Midway's GBC Lineup

720, Defender, Joust Moon Patrol, and Spy Hunter are coming soon.


Midway came by the offices yesterday, sure, but while everyone was gathered 'round checking out Gauntlet Legends, Micro Machines Turbo, Rampage 2: Universal Tour, and California Speed and listening to stories of Paper Boy 64, Mortal Kombat Special Forces, the Collections, and others, the Game Boy Color sat in the corner alongside a few ROMs. Here's what we found:

720. Now this is a skateboard game. Fans of the arcade version, the NES game, and the previous Game Boy title will be happy to hear that it looks like Midway has breathed a good hunk of life into this little GBC title, in what's a direct port of the original. The game has about four different skate parks you need to get to (that's right, need), and the catch is, you have to have a ticket to get there. Earning money the way any true skater would want to, jumping ramps and cars, executing perfect 720s, and so on, is how you buy that ticket. You can also upgrade your pads, board, and such as you go. The big question is, when, if ever, will we see a home version of 720?

Defender and Joust are also coming out. And they both look great - arcade perfect (keep in mind the era, folks). With Joust, you can use the Game Boy Link cable to play two-player. What can you expect? Just like Joust; just like Defender.

Another Pak in the Arcade Hits series, Moon Patrol/Spy Hunter is schedule for take-off. Again, the games are just what you'd expect. In Moon Patrol, you bounce through making your checkpoints, and in Spy Hunter, you race through, dropping huge oil slicks, avoiding, or better yet destroying obstacles and defeating the likes of Switchblade, the Mad Bomber, and all of those guys.

All of these Game Boy Color titles are scheduled to be released in March, and as usual, they're all backward compatible with existing Game Boys.

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