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Midway working on seven 360 titles

[UPDATE] Though CEO says no next-generation games ready by Q4, the publisher is fully committed to Microsoft's new console; 360 Stranglehold confirmed.


While a plethora of companies are on board for the Xbox 360's launch later this year, one major player will be sitting the event out. Speaking to amid the chaos of last week's E3 in Los Angeles, Midway CEO David Zucker said his company would not release any next-generation console games this year.

"We're certainly going to have games for the launch of the PS3," he told the finance-news Web site. "But we don't have any games for the launch of the Xbox 360." Zucker's comments also disappointed some holiday shoppers, since it underlined the fact that Stranglehold won't arrive in time for Q4. The John Woo-inspired shooter--so far Midway's only announced next-generation title--is a game sequel to the director's classic 1992 Hong Kong action film Hard Boiled.

[UPDATE] But just because Midway won't have any next-gen games ready in time for the launch of Microsoft's sleek new console does not mean they are eschewing the platform. "Midway is fully supporting the Xbox 360 and we have games in development at all of our internal studios," a rep told GameSpot.

In fact, contradicting reports on the Web that it is holding back on development until the Xbox 360 has a large enough user base, Midway has several projects in the works for the next-gen console. "We have no less than seven Xbox 360 games currently in development in our internal studios targeted for release in 2006-8," a Midway executive emphasized to GameSpot today. The rep also confirmed that 360 and PS3 versions of Stranglehold are in the works; previously the game had only been confirmed for "next-generation consoles."

Midway officials also confirmed that next year's Spy Hunter game will be for current-generation consoles.

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