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Midway ready to ship NBA Hoopz PS2

The PlayStation 2 version of Midway's three-on-three basketball game will be shipped tomorrow to retailers nationwide.


Midway has announced that its three-on-three arcade-style basketball game, NBA Hoopz, will ship tomorrow for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game is based on its NBA Jam series and features the signature moves of all the NBA superstars, 500 player animations, detailed player faces, and a new create-a-team mode. Additional gameplay elements include enhanced instant replays and hidden courts, as well as minigames such as 2ball, 21, around the world, practice, and three-point shootout.

"NBA Hoopz is going to be a big hit with kids and pro athletes because you get to do extreme moves in the game that you only wish you could do in real life," said Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles Lakers center and league MVP. "The three-on-three feature in the game is especially exciting because it allows for more over-the-top action."

NBA Hoopz is also available in various forms for the Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Game Boy Color.

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