Midway, MTV whip up contest, promos

Two companies will give away tricked-out Imprezas; sneak peek of L.A. Rush peels out on MTV October 16.


L.A. Rush

The cross-promotion of MTV and Midway continued today as the companies announced the latest events stemming from their deal signed late in June. The deal is a three-game marketing agreement, the first of which is L.A. Rush, a street racer that features the crew from MTV's Pimp My Ride car-customization show. The two other games have not yet been announced.

MTV will debut L.A. Rush "Sneak Peek" on October 16, and will feature an exclusive preview of the game. Two days before that, the L.A. Rush Watch 'n' Win contest kicks off, which gives contestants a chance to win a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI, which will be "fully pimped out." To enter, head over to the contest's official Web site (Ed note: Site was not launched as of press time). For another chance to win, people can enter an identical contest sponsored by MTV2.

Hip-hop artist Twista, who will be featured in L.A. Rush, will also debut a video mod for his new single "Hit the Floor." Video mods fuse gaming and music videos by featuring characters from games "performing" the songs. Twista will also promote L.A. Rush during his stint as the host of MTV2's T-Minus Hip Hop Countdown.

The T-for-Teen-rated L.A. Rush hits stores October 10 on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox for $49.99, and on the PC on December 12 for $39.99.

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