Midway hits the courts and pitch

NBA Ballers and Redcard Soccer set to hit next-gen consoles.


Midway has announced the development of two sports games for next-generation consoles set to hit in 2002: NBA Ballers and Redcard Soccer. NBA Ballers is a one-on-one street basketball game that has no referee or rules. Officially licensed by the NBA, the game will feature NBA athletes, streetball legends, and fantasy ballers. Players will compete on a variety of streetball and fantasy courts, such as the top of a skyscraper during a lightning storm and the deck of a yacht sailing in the Caribbean.

Redcard Soccer, an 11-on-11 game, including goalies, falls under the Midway Sports Asylum brand. The game will feature 32 international teams and stadiums complete with fans. Players will be able to compete in a single game with up to four players in friendly mode or play a single-elimination tournament in party mode. In addition, players can play in cup mode and compete against 31 teams or make their own team with the create-a-team feature.

While no specific platforms have been announced, the game is slated for release in 2002. Other games in Midway's Sports Asylum lineup include NHL Hits, NFL Blitz, and MLB Slugfest.

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