Midway brings PSP Myst west

Classic puzzle/exploration game will see release outside of Japan courtesy of Midway Games; no date set.


More than a decade ago, Myst became a PC gaming sensation with its minimalist approach to gaming and impressive graphics. The series has gone on to be one of the best selling of all time, and the most recent edition, Myst V: End of Ages, was released late last year.

Earlier this year, Sega revealed its intention to revitalize the Myst craze for the portable market in Japan, with Myst for the PlayStation Portable, due in June. However, there were no plans to bring the game to other regions.

Enter Midway Games. The company's London-based branch today announced that it will be publishing the PSP version in the European market. American Midway reps were unavailable as of press time to confirm a release in North America, but a stateside release is likely. No date has been confirmed for the game.

To get a better idea of what to expect from Myst, read the review of the original Myst game from 1995.

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bye the way cant wait for riven too be on the psp

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What i think is that finally peapole will use there brains again instead of kill kill kill anyway never compleeted myst because of the new windows it craches all the time now i can even take it with me. Seeing this game again realising that how i missed the 90's soo dont say OOO this is a dumb game just get some brains will ya

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Chrisdojo that statedment was idiotic. The PSP audience is perfect for Myst (plus, we are starving over here) even if the hardware isn't. A stylus probably would have worked better for the classic gameplay, but if the PS2 can get Indigo Prophecy, i'm sure they can make adventure mechanics work for the PSP. I won't even comment on why this would sell like fish crap on the DS, but I think we all know why.

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I agree that it would make more sense for it to be on DS... simply because a touch screen is the perfect interface for an adventure game.

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sweet....can't wait to get it.....now if only Beyond Zork would come out for the psp my life would be complete....lol.

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Finally some more good games...

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When you think about it... I can't believe no-one's made a portable version of Myst before... It just makes sense to. Very nice. :)

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right. that game won't sell for the psp. the cows are too narrow minded to play something like myst.

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That's good, because PSP have't good quest for now...

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Adventure games are so much better on the DS, why can't they make Myst DS?

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this a dumb game to put out. only a few will tell

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^#!#)(*)!@(^#!*&^#!)&)(@#^)!!!!!!!!!1111!!Why isn't it on DS!?!???!!!?!?!

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lucky for everyone that owns a psp.

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is that a plane if is a plane game is going to be the best!!!

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For those who have never experience why Myst is awesome, here's their chance. It's an intellectual game that makes people use their brains.

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As others have said, Myst isn't exactly a highly replayable game, other than the very end (although, not to try and give spoilers, it's not as replayable as one might think). And, really, I doubt there's many (not saying there isn't ANY, just not MANY. The M is there for a reason) people who would really buy and like this that haven't already played it. If I had a PSP, and it included Riven, I might get it just for the very very slight chance I might want to play those games again, and I'd rather they were portable then not...then again, with a small screen and no mouse, it'd be a bit harder to see things and a little less easy to control... SF

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killswitch VERY valid points you're making. Lets hope none of that happens, load times mar the exp badly

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Nice game... thanks to Midway.

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It's cool that it will be on the PSP. To put it simply, the handheld can handle the game. What I'm curious about is, will the environments in the game be interactive this time around? My concern, also, is the loading time, and how long will the game be. In the past installments of the series, the loading was unbearable.

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blackIcejoe it would make sense for the game to go to the ds because it point and click mouse game for the pc originally so instead of mouse you can use the stylus that is why

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Myst is a very fun, but very hard game... good to see it expand on other platforms besides the PC.

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Myst was a great game, only game in the series that I ever beat.

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i'm not so sure about Myst on the PSP. When I played Myst, Riven, and Myst 3 it was at night, with all other lights dark and with all other sound non-existent. I got lost in the Worlds and that's why I loved them. playing it on the go would lose the book like quality that keeps Myst alluring.

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I want this to come to the US I need a nice game for my PSP. Plus why does it need to be on the DS just because you do not own a PSP does not give you a right to ask for a DS one. There are games that would be cool from the DS on the PSP but there not on it so if you want it get a PSP. There is a lot of cool PSP games out there.

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Reetesh i don't care puzzle game are not myst sux

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Sounds sad. My psp will continue to collect dust. How about something NEW and exciting? emphasis on NEW. My psp is tired of the port treatment.

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AWWWW, this game is gonna be fun

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More good news for me.

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[quote="gogeta85"]is that all psp gets is puzzle games im sick of puzzle games put marvel vs capcom on psp with online mode then i will be happy till then maybe[/quote] :lol: Myst is not a PUZZLE game, its an Old skool Adventure game kinda like the Point and click ones, U have to explore the world and DO stuffs to progress.

anyways I think its going to be great having Myst for PSP(portable:D) but the controls might be a little difficult to translate:|

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YEah the MYST games are real good But the first one? NOW cmon They should've released URU or something Nwo URUR was badass! Anyways this game would be ALOT better on the DS because of the Stylus, Am i right?

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I really wanna see what this game's gots interesting to be worth the consideration..ok..enough of speculation..am getting it on release

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I've never played a Myst game, It doesn't look like the type of game I'd want either. Not really interested in it.

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sweet myst

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Sounds cool

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endure the super long loading time and short battery life on psp just to play some years old game again? well, I'd rather harvest fuit on nds animal crossing: wild world with 3 million other people.

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Its good news , It has my attention for now .

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I'm all for porting old games, but not ones like Myst. I mean, this isn't exactly a heavy replay game. I guess there's a lot of people who didn't play it back in the day. I don't see it as a good fit for the PSP though. I just have a hard time seeing Myst as anything but a PC game.

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I'd buy it!

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Too bad it's on PSP, I would love to see it on the DS as well.

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My wife love this type of stuff. I'm getting it.

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I managed to miss the whole Myst craze through the 90s so I might not want to sit down in front of my computer to play it, but I wouldn't mind playing something like this on a bus or plane as a diversion. Nonetheless, I always like to see new titles making their way to the PSP, whether they're games that excite me or not.

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Sounds nice... All hail the PSP.... and DS :)

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w00t! pspwnz

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Be honest... how many people would be picking this up as Myst for the first time? It just isn't fun if you already know exactly what to do.

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is that all psp gets is puzzle games im sick of puzzle games put marvel vs capcom on psp with online mode then i will be happy till then maybe :)