Midnight Club LA postponed again

Take-Two street racer drifts back to late October in search of a "more favorable market window."


Midnight Club: Los Angeles is having false starts like a student driver trying to master the subtle art of the manual transmission. After being initially announced for a release early this year, the game was pushed to September 9, then again to October 7. Now the Rockstar street racer is being held back once again, as Take-Two today revealed another push for the game in its quarterly earnings report.

If there's any consolation for fans awaiting the game, it's that the delays are becoming sequentially shorter. This latest push is only two weeks, with Midnight Club: Los Angeles and the PlayStation Portable offshoot Midnight Club: LA Remix set for a North American release October 21. Europeans will be able to get behind the wheel October 24.

In an investor conference call, Take-Two chief financial officer Lainie Goldstein said the game was moved back to "a more favorable market window." While Goldstein didn't identify any specific market conditions, online retailers including GameStop and Amazon.com are currently expecting Sony's PlayStation 3 racer MotorStorm: Pacific Rift to arrive October 7.

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screw this im getting 2k9

Avatar image for alaskancrab

please I remember when games would get delayed for a year or two, even longer.. a couple weeks won't hurt anyone.

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Naturally I would prefer it if they could keep to their promised release date, and I agree that they should build in some extra time in case they run longer than expected, but I would still rather have them delay a game repeatedly than release it when it's not really ready. EA keeps releasing games that aren't quite ready, and it's starting to make people delay or avoid buying their games.

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I thought it was like early October.. like 6th or 7th the last time i went to this page.. and now it's the 20th. .. it was just almost a week left, and when i saw this i almost fainted. i cant wait any longer..

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maybe they should put the day 1 year after their expecting to take it out so that they could take it out earlier and that way people dont get pissed off because they keep delaying the game and stuff.

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it comes one day before far cry 2 and i really want far cry 2 why do they keep changing the date

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i played midnight club 3 dub edition yesterday and it still has the most customization to date i love the music wen ur in the garage im gonna go play dub edition right now man im so hyped

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I don't know if I'll buy it now. October 7th, sure, to fill the void until Oct 21. Now? Meh. Unless it has forza like customization I'm going to pass until a later date if at all.

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Oh thats cool I hope they go up against EA and their piece of S**T NFS, after the last one MC: LA should blow them out of the water.

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Anyway, its just a two week push. When I saw the headline, I thought it had been moved till 2009, phew! I hope EA gets it right with NFS this time (bring back the underground) because MC:LA looks good.

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October 21....Wont be getting in now cause I will be playing Fable 2. oh well, i will catch it used later

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Huh....this is not news to me. I work at Target and the release date we have on the video that plays for the game is the same. Guess this delay was late getting to GS. This is just one more reason why its best to look at what the retailers say, either brick and mortar or online. If you see a games release date change on there, chances are its been delayed. All Target Stores have an HD feed that plays via satellite, it gets changed from time to time. Just a week or 2 ago, they added the Spore ad and the MCR:LA ad, and the release date said Oct 21 from the beginning. I was worried when I saw the delay news it would be like 2009 or something.

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they want to put themselves in the same selling window as EA's Need for Speed. Frankly.. even if midnight club is a better game than NFS it still won't sell as much or do as well as NFS.. that is just reality. Past numbers have always proven this.. I think EA market's NFS better and the game is more well known than midnight club. I'm not throwing bias on either one.. this is just how it is.. sadly but true

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I'm not even sure i'ma get the game in the first place.....so it doesn't really bother me.

Avatar image for DoeJohn531

Crap. I have been waiting for a couple of months for this game now. NFS is mostly just lousy games with a good one thrown in every third or fourth release.

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It's still passable because it's a different genre of a game, plus it's coming out on 10/07. Fable is an RPG based game: comes out 10/21, Dead Space a linear horror shooter: comes out 10/14, Far Cry 2 "which I can't wait to get my hands on" comes out 10/21. So MCLA still got a head-start on the competition NFSU: which comes out 11/18.

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"And a week before Fallout 3! 'Cause who's gonna buy that?" I'm gonna be buying all four of these games, but this is horrible timing

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"Hey, let's not release this in an open week. Let's release it... the SAME day as three huge games! I mean, come on, who's gonna buy Fable II, or Dead Space, or Far Cry 2?" What are these dudes thinking

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Hopefully this game will do better at open world play then Burnout Paradise did, I am excited, bit it boils down to the controls and sense of speed. I will pick it up on release day..

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if you say your gonna do something on a day, and then delay it to another day and then delay that day, your gonna risk losing fans. Personally I like Midnight Club so im not gonna ditch out on it but these delays.. honestly get your stuff sorted out!

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That Sucks I want this game so badly

Avatar image for RUFF1807

well thats dumb...

Avatar image for setonj18

i dont care about the delay cause im getting Saints row 2 before i get this

Avatar image for giort08

It's a smart move by Take-Two. October has a massive release schedule already and there's a big possibility the game won't make the sales it would/ should make.

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it is sad that the releas is anounced later (again) But is it not better? I think that they have more time now to make the game better. I hope that the new MC: LA is worth of it.

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so sad

Avatar image for J_Wil

Why do people keep saying the delay is ok so long as they make the game better? They are well past the point of changing things (though if they keep delaying it they could just as well start up again). MC:LA is going to be fun, but they face tough competition no matter where they come out it seems. Oh well...

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I'm playing MC 2 on the Xbox I love it !!!!!!

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delay kinda sucks, but you gotta admit that if it means they'll get more early sales in, it makes perfect sense for them. I'm still gonna buy it... at least it gives me two weeks longer to save the money for it and as it happens, it gets released closer to a payday now which makes it even more convenient.... sweet

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"yeah thats right infrared all companies actually openly consider you as their only consumer in their game sales." Don't recall where I said they do, but thanks for the reply!

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Waiting just 2 more weeks is fine. Even more time for Rockstar San Diego to make the game as good as it can be.

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remix version???????.....

Avatar image for tawagivercetti

oh no my life is ruined, keflom

Avatar image for gandalf_storm

not 2 fussed with this one to be honest, never a big fan of others, I`ll give the demo a whirl if there is one and go from there. Rockstar do have a habit of delaying i.e. GTA 4, better then rushing though..

Avatar image for fictionaldream

Will Rockstar ever bring out a game on time.

Avatar image for H_U_R_D

is it too much to ask for a game to come out on the release date they said it would in the begining?

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this game is the best racing game ever .. can't wait

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this is sus smh i undastand y they wud push it baq cuz so many games r comin out but dam lol

Avatar image for Monochromatic-7

who the hell rockstar thinks we are?

Avatar image for dazo5

Ne1 betting there will be yet another delay??? I've been waiting for this game since DUB Edition on PS2. Comes out 2 days before GH4, not sure if that was much of a better idea than coming out around MotorStorm...

Avatar image for jazz_kenny

well atleast thank god that it didnt move onto next year...

Avatar image for Untouchable_Dra

haha state of emergency was a joke, buh gutted to hear that this hsa been pushed back :(

Avatar image for EnderSR388

Damnit Rockstar, why do you do this to us! They can never hit a release date, EVER! Except for State of Emergency, that pile came out on the day it was supposed to. :(

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for tupac-makaveli

it's all about the money.

Avatar image for mrkame16

I bought it on Ps2 years ago...i dont think ill buy it again, so to me it doesnt matter.

Avatar image for realSHOTKILL

The Delay doesn't mean too much. Cuz plenty of games are coming out early October-mid October anyway.

Avatar image for raverrozza

yeah thats right infrared all companies actually openly consider you as their only consumer in their game sales.

Avatar image for Miss_Wacy

same day as bioshock for ps3 in the uk niice :D

Avatar image for abdullrahman

take two is allways like that