Midnight Club: LA expands to South Central

In the age of Burnout Paradise's yearlong wave of free downloadable content, will online-enabled driving games ever be the same? Today, Rockstar Games announced that the South Central Expansion for Midnight Club: Los Angeles will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 March 12. Perhaps taking its...


In the age of Burnout Paradise's yearlong wave of free downloadable content, will online-enabled driving games ever be the same? Today, Rockstar Games announced that the South Central Expansion for Midnight Club: Los Angeles will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 March 12. Perhaps taking its cues from Criterion Games' postlaunch support, Rockstar's pack includes four new neighborhoods set in the eponymous district free of charge.

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Along with the new neighborhoods, Rockstar is releasing the South Central Premium Upgrade pack for the decidedly not-free price of $9.99. The for-pay pack begins with nine new cars across a range of classes, including the 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG, the 2008 Range Rover Supercharged, the 1955 Chevy Bel Air, and the 1970 Chevy Chevelle. It also includes 12 new battle maps, 10 new delivery missions, 100-plus red light races, extra car customization options, and additional music.

For more information, check out GameSpot's review of Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

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Great DLC

Avatar image for terrance5566

does anyone know were to get this cheap

Avatar image for mackenpwet

gawd i wish it came out on the pc already

Avatar image for zeeshan810

Bought Premium package with Car package 1 and 2. :D love it.

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Just picked up the game, Just so I can drive a replica of my own ride, but before I buy the "Premium Upgrade", Can someone tell me.. Are the vehicles Free, or are they just available for purchase??? It would suck PooP if I had to actually Earn them..!!..

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y does da 08 EVO 09 Eclipse 08 S8 08 CL65 amg appear n not n da garage for purchase?

Avatar image for SUPERSUTER1

Ok its the 22nd now and the "bug" still hasnt been fixed if its not out by the 31st im off ! "hi yall X D"

Avatar image for speed495

yea im not waiting nomore

Avatar image for xX-AV8R-Xx

R* games rule

Avatar image for xX-AV8R-Xx

lets just hope they delay it again!!!

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Here's a reeal update. Per the Midnight Club website the expantion doesn't hit until the 19th...

Avatar image for sschuchard

Yes where is the expantion? Seems like red gate all over agian...

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i went on ps3 network and I can not find the download. how do i download this expansion?

Avatar image for zero_120

hopefully ill find my house...here hhee cuz i live in this crappy neighborhood

Avatar image for BadboyKami

like wat is the music neyo miss indepentant or something else plz plz get back

Avatar image for BadboyKami

i hav bought midnight club la which was gud becoz i hav finished it in 3-4 weeks but i live in the uk do u no how much all the cars music n many more things will cost n wat iz the new music like which type please get bac to me thx whoever does big help cyaaa

Avatar image for lDCl

is supossed to have the duacti 1098r

Avatar image for DualDarkscout

nice. I 'm definitely getting it. good value.

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UPDATE: The update will also have NEW ACHIEVEMENTS. According to 360Sync << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for SweetMusic

Can't wait till March 12th!

Avatar image for everettseanw

Cool. South Central maps makes los angeles an full town.

Avatar image for Fyrhtu

I've beginning to hate how they present new's in such a ... 'catchy' way.

Avatar image for DrKill09

Cool, I'll probably get it.

Avatar image for mvlbr

In the South Central Map Pack does it include drive-by missions.

Avatar image for jimbob_1977

Bring it on, see you all in south side LA!

Avatar image for mattcake

Nice that you get to check out the new map areas for free and can then decide if you wanna race around it :) Coupled with the Lost and Damned, looks like Rockstar are raising the bar on DLC quality and value for money too - and we all win too if they set a precedent that other devs follow :)

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the 09 skyline would be nice, but I'm cool with this pack.

Avatar image for plm3d_basic

How about porting this game to the pc.

Avatar image for slipknot61174

Even without a slew of new cars, the maps, races, and music alone make this a pretty decent purchase. Couple that with the free South Central expansion, Rockstar is making an already amazing racer even better. Sign me up!

Avatar image for -eddy-

Awesome! Hopefully Online will get a bit more lively too.

Avatar image for xgalacticax

The new cars are ok but not enough for me. I was expecting more SUVs when they first announced it....like the Escalade, Hummer and Navigator. And maybe a Dodge Viper, Ram and spinner rims as well.

Avatar image for msudude211

Free is always good.

Avatar image for team-mazda3

I hope they put an option to buy just the cars and the extra customizations for even less price .

Avatar image for BrideInDream

sounds cool!

Avatar image for leopold_legand

sickness !!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for moej88


Avatar image for frederikfrey

hope it's good

Avatar image for PumpkinBoogie

Hell, yeah! Now that's what's up....can't wait ;). I guess $9.99 ain't too bad of a price to pay especially when they're adding a whole other neighborhood w/ vehicles and all that additional stuff. ....do wish they had the Escalade as drivable vehicle, though. How I do miss pimpin' out me a Escalade....:(

Avatar image for DM2438

I like that they have finally put some of the other representative areas of LA in this game that should of been included when released. Don't care too much for the additional red light races. The new cars are cool, not great. We need some more exotics like Ferrari, a Zonda, Porshe, TGR, Lotus, Nissan GTR, and for god sakes a damn Viper or SRT-10, that is a given for any race car game. They need to offer the Super Snake Mustang as well. Why are all the muscle cars from the era where they were boxed shaped. They all need to be from '67-'69. They also need to offer more favorable muscles cars like the Charger, GTO, Duster, Daytona, Nova, El Camino, etc. Not dissing the other cars, but I do not care for a Belair or Rivera, especially the models that are least attractive. I like Midnight Club, but I just don't understand why they don't offer a lot of people "dream" cars...emphasis on "DREAM". They need some classic exotics and muscle, and maybe tuners. SUV's and Luxury cars are not exciting, but that is just my opinion. Hope they offer DLC with more favorable cars next time around and I hope they don't make the new characters in the hood over the top because the media has a master's degree in over-exaggerating stereotypes. But it Rockstar, and they didn't make Carl a fool in San Andreas, well stereotype wise.

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Here is the full additional car list: 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG "Black" 2008 Range Rover Supercharged 2008 Range Rover Sport Super Charged 1955 Chevy Bel Air 1963 Buick Riviera 1964 Chevy Impala 1965 Chevy Malibu 1970 Chevy Chevelle 1966 Pontiac GTO along with... 26 new races 12 new battle maps 10 new delivery missions 100+ new red light races New rims New body kits for each new car New vinyl pre-sets Hydraulics/Airbags unlocked on all new cars New music And that's all for 800 MS Points! What a deal!

Avatar image for SweetMusic

@eque93 There will be a '64 Chevy Impala in the update, THEE pimp mobile @freshmoney There already is a Caprice in the game, the '96 Chevy Impala @newb16 Actually, it says in this article, and Rockstar already announced, that the map expansion will be FREE, and all the other stuff coming in another package will cost 800 MS Points @halo_wars86 There already is a patch out for easier difficulty that they released in December.

Avatar image for team-mazda3

We want the super cars where are they ? We had a lot of hopes for bugattie , but it wasnt there !!!

Avatar image for eque93

Finally, more cars and things 2 do. I hope these cars are good enough 2 make a pimp mobile.

Avatar image for Pete5506

thats cool, more things to do

Avatar image for freshmoney

can we get a Chevy Caprice....PLEASE!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for OfficialBed

I still need to pick this game up.

Avatar image for DarknessLion

I Got my Truck :)

Avatar image for newb16

This game is easy, all you have to do is know how to race in the game.

Avatar image for newb16

halo_wars86 said how about a patch for easier difficulty for the single player first before the expansion? You just need to know how to play the game and stop complaining.

Avatar image for Supertramp20

i thought midnight was great but i gave up halfway to because it was just too hard

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