Midnight Club II details

Rockstar releases game details on Angel's street-racing sequel.


Rockstar has revealed some additional information on Midnight Club II, its street-racing sequel that's due out for the PlayStation 2 in February and is set to follow for the Xbox and PC. Midnight Club II is set on the streets of Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo and is designed as a completely nonlinear racing game. While certainly there will be start and finish lines for the competition, there are no predefined tracks--players must find their own way through the cities, which are filled with unpredictable obstacles.

The sequel introduces motorbikes to the mix of vehicles. Bikes have more horsepower and acceleration than cars and can wind their way through traffic or alleys. However, bikes are naturally less stable and are vulnerable to crashing. For its high-performance cars, Midnight Club II uses new textures, higher-poly models, and improved damage effects, all with the goal of better representing actual street-racing machines. The physics are intended to balance realism and fun, fast-paced driving.

The game promises some story-based progression. As players progress through the game, they see more of the underground culture of street racing. Each of the game's characters has his or her own racing style.

Midnight Club II is due out for the PS2 early next year, and you can expect more details as its release approaches. For more information, check out the official Midnight Club II web site.

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