Midnight Club II coming to the Xbox, PC

Rockstar announces that Angel Studios' racing game will arrive on the Xbox and PC after its release for the PS2.


Rockstar Games has announced that Midnight Club II will ship for the PlayStation 2 on February 11 and will follow for the Xbox and PC in the spring. Midnight Club II takes place on the streets of Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo, where drivers race late at night and can find their own fastest route through the city. A variety of high-performance cars and bikes are at the drivers' disposal.

"Midnight Club redefined the racing genre by offering an entirely new freedom and style never before seen in a racing game," said Dan Houser, Rockstar's vice president of creative. "Midnight Club II evolves those trademark ideas and adds a host of innovative features with a revolutionary new design."

For more details, check out our previous coverage of Midnight Club II for PS2 and our review of the first previous coverage game.

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