Midnight Club and Smuggler's Run join Greatest Hits

Two of Rockstar's PS2 launch titles are now available for $19.99.


Rockstar Games has announced that Midnight Club and Smuggler's Run, two of the company's PlayStation 2 launch titles that hit shelves back in October 2000, will be joining Sony's Greatest Hits line. The line, which is available to games that reach certain sales marks, makes older games available at lower price points. Both games will now retail for $19.99.

Rockstar Games COO, Terry Donovan, said "Both Midnight Club and Smuggler's Run have been tremendous success stories for Rockstar and we are proud to be included in the 'Greatest Hits' line-up. These titles brought an ambitious new vision of open-ended game design offering more freedom and choices to the gamer. We are extremely pleased with the continued positive response to our efforts and are delighted that more gamers will get to enjoy these incredible games at this affordable new price."

Rockstar has followed Smuggler's Run with a sequel, and the follow-up to Midnight Club is expected to debut at this year's E3 convention.

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